Troubleshoot Outlook Express Keeps Crashing in Windows XP – Top 4 Solutions

Written By Nimisha Ramesh  
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 9th, 2022
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Outlook Express is one of the most widely used email clients that is full of security holes, which are often exploited by hackers. Connecting this email program to the internet for downloading and sending emails makes it worse. Sometimes, while launching, closing or performing any operation, it freezes/stops working and throws an error message i.e., Outlook Express not responding. Or, the program stuck on a screen that displays “Processing”. This can be very annoying because this problem occurs randomly and this random behavior makes it challenging to determine the reason of the crash.

Well, there may several possible reasons for Outlook Express to behave this way thus, there is not a single solution for this. In this technical paper, we are going to disclose some actually working and potential solutions to resolve Outlook Express keeps crashing issue. So, let us get started!

Top 4 Methods to Troubleshoot Outlook Express Keeps Crashing Windows XP

Apparently, there are multiple reasons behind the crash of Outlook Express email client application. But we are helpless to avoid these reasons. To fix Outlook Express keeps crashing issue, we will discuss top 4 solutions.

#Approach 1: Patch Up Windows Operating System with Latest Updates

The first solution to fix this issue is to run your Windows operating system updater application. The new patches will seal the security holes and also will fix the errors that are having crept in during the course of programming. Security plugs are not only essential for Outlook Express yet, for the Windows OS and Internet Explorer browser application.

#Approach 2: Update the Antivirus Program with Latest Definitions

Presence of malicious emails in Outlook Express inbox, also become the cause of Outlook Express keeps crashing issue. Well, an email does not require to be opened to infect the user’s computer. Also, sometimes the email message downloads a few corrupted files on the local machine. Thus, it is recommended to update your antivirus program and then, run a full system scan to troubleshoot Outlook Express crashing when opening emails.

#Approach 3: Remove Faulty or Corrupt Folders from Outlook Express

As we know that Outlook Express keeps its emails in five default folders and it also allows users to create more folders for email segregation. All its folders, which displays in email application are actually the data files, which are hidden deep inside of the directory structure. Sometimes the folder files also get corrupted due to malicious email or incorrect closer of the email client. If your Outlook Express is not working on your PC and this is happening only when you are launching the program then, you need to delete the faulty files. Outlook Express will create its default folders once again after launching it. However, before deleting the folder files manually, we recommend to keep a backup of your entire data as you may lose your data during the process. Now, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

Step 1: Find Out the Location of Storage Folders

  1. In the toolbar, click on Tools >> Options
  2. Now, under the Maintenance menu, click on Store Folder
  3. This will display the location of Outlook Express folder files
  4. Next, copy the directory path and go to the Start button
  5. Select Run program and paste the location, hit the OK button
  6. Now, you will get all the Outlook Express folder files (comprising .dbx extension) in the Windows Explorer
Note: If the Outlook Express storage files are hidden then, you have to force the Windows to show them. For this, click on Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> Show hidden files and folders

Step 2: Spot the Corrupt Outlook Express Folder

If the Outlook Express is unresponsive then, start it and the problem probably lies in the Inbox folder. If you are having problems while deleting messages, then the issue is within the Deleted Items folder that is stopping you from deleting emails. Via this, you can simply detect the suspicious folder that incorporates the corrupted files and can remove them.

Step 3: Take Backup of Outlook Express Data

Either you can take a full backup Outlook Express emails or simply can select all the important emails and drag them into a temporary folder. Therefore, if you think the problem is within Outlook Express Inbox folder then, choose the emails you need to retain and drag them into a temporary folder. After that, manually delete the suspected Inbox.dbx files and restart your Outlook Express.

#Approach 4: Reinstall Outlook Express Program

The last option to resolve this issue is to reinstall the Outlook Express. However, this is not an appropriate technique as the application distribution has been stopped. One can try this with Internet Explorer version 6 set up the file that is available from (the Outlook Express set up file was comprised with the browser).

Concluding Lines

Considering common user query Outlook Express keeps crashing Windows XP, we have come up with this article. Here, we have discussed some easy workarounds to resolve the issue. Now, users can opt any solution according to their present requirements and preferences.