SharePoint Vs OneDrive: A Complete Difference

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Published On June 6th, 2024
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In today’s modern era, users use cloud solutions to store their data or files on a centralized server and access them using any device and from anywhere. The two most popular cloud-based platforms, which enable users to save, share, and sync data or files between devices are Microsoft’s OneDrive and SharePoint. These two applications are tough to differentiate as both apps have lots in common and offer similar services.

But the fact is that OneDrive and SharePoint are identical and the key difference between the two will help users make the more informed decision while choosing an application. Thus, to make it easy for the users or business owners, a complete SharePoint Vs Onedrive difference has been discussed. Along with this OneDrive for business and SharePoint migration is also covered in this post.


What is OneDrive?

The main motive for using OneDrive is to let users store their important data in the cloud. One can easily access them from any device that contains a local OneDrive folder, or application, or sign in via an internet connection. All the files are synced automatically, which a user can edit or update anytime.

Now, there are two versions of OneDrive available: One is OneDrive Personal and another is OneDrive for Business. Both of the editions have the same name but do not offer the same services.

OneDrive Personal: It allows users to save personal files like photos, videos, and other important documents on the cloud via their own personal accounts. In this version, any action performed by the user totally depends upon the owner of that account only.

OneDrive for Business: It is simply a business-oriented online storage system. It enables users to manage and handle all project documents and collaborate with colleagues. However, the OneDrive Business account is totally controlled by the organization i.e. site collection administrators.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is one of the most widely used applications for sharing and storing documents. It allows users to collaborate on files, documents, and projects. In addition, it is equipped with an amazing selection of tasks, lists, calendars, document libraries, workflows, etc. But SharePoint also helps team members to collaborate on a team-oriented platform. In SharePoint, information is shared with all members and anyone can modify and create a document with the appropriate access rights.
There are 3 deployment modes of SharePoint i.e., on-premises, cloud, and hybrid. And, each of these modes has a comprehensive set of pricing models and makes SharePoint an ideal for all sizes of businesses.

A Detailed Comparison For SharePoint vs OneDrive

To know clearly about SharePoint Vs OneDrive difference, refer to the table given below:

OneDrive for Business SharePoint Online
It is a part of Office 365 Business Plan Come as a part of Office 365 Business plans
It can easily be used as a stand-alone application and a consumer version with a similar name is also there. A user can use it as a separate service. However, no consumer version exists of this web-based collaborative platform.
Developed from a SharePoint Workspace 2010 service It is a web-based edition of the SharePoint platform, which dates back to Office XP.
The core architecture of OneDrive is developed on SharePoint. Its core architecture is made up of or powered behind the scenes by SharePoint
Can be used as the web-based version of the My Documents folder on the local machine. Can be used as an alternative to the internal website or file server.
It is frequently considered or called a storage location It is considered or known as a team site
Capable to manage file or data with Metadata Handle all files and data with its Metadata and versioning.
One can access it from either a browser and local folder or an application based on the user preference. One can access it from the browser to use all its features.
To sync files of OneDrive for Business to the folder on the local computer, the OneDrive Business sync application is used. To sync SharePoint files with the folder on the local machine, the OneDrive Business sync app is used always.
By default, all uploads will remain private until a user decides to share it. In SharePoint, all uploads by default inherit all permission from the folder.

Observational Verdict for SharePoint Vs OneDrive

From the SharePoint vs OneDrive comparison table above.  We can observe that SharePoint and OneDrive are two different services offered by Microsoft. Therefore, a user can easily choose between them for their business depending upon the requirements of the organization. Most of the companies use SharePoint to have better project management sites. Moreover, to have better-suited storage, OneDrive is always recommended. You can also read SharePoint 2019 Features by clicking on this link.

Migration Solution For OneDrive and SharePoint 

It is always a better option to know that the software or service you are using is migratable. However, someone can argue on this and raise the question of why we demand and notice migration features in software before purchase. 

Surely, you would not notice or demand a migration feature in every software and service. But when you are using a cloud service to store your data, you should take care of migration features like if the software’s data is easily migratable, if it has a migration option, and if is there any robust solution. When you are an owner or admin of an organization data is everything. You should care about that and be concerned about easy shifting and migration of data.

However, SharePoint and OneDrive have a manual method for migration but it requires a lot of effort and expertise. However, there is an efficient Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool to help you migrate and it is also recommended by many Microsoft MVPs and professionals. This tool automates and Streamlines the process of migration.

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To conclude, we have discussed all the key points that are necessary to differentiate SharePoint vs OneDrive. However, we have also mentioned the definition of both to understand the basic working. Additionally, we have suggested the need for migration and why you should a migratable service or software. Moreover, we have discussed MVPs recommended tools that can save time and effort.


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