What To Do If Sent/Deleted Folder Missing in Outlook 2010?

Stacy Brown ~ Modified: October 31st, 2022 ~ Data Recovery ~ 3 Minutes Reading

While going through Outlook queries, many a times I have come across the issue when one or more system folders are missing from Outlook. Recently, I saw the following query posted by a user:

“My Sent and Deleted folder are missing from Outlook. I use Outlook 2010 version. Can anyone come up with an appropriate solution?”

This blog is completely dedicated to all the queries related to the scenario when the users’ Sent/Deleted folder missing in Outlook 2010. We will discuss the methods which the users can undertake and solve the issue.

Outlook folders like inbox, sent, deleted, outbox, etc. are termed as system folders. These are the default folders, which are created automatically whenever a mailbox is created. It is to be noted that these folders cannot be deleted, as these are the default folders. These folders can only go missing from Outlook.

How To Get Back The Missing Sent/ Deleted Items Folder?

In order to get back the missing Sent/ Deleted folder from Outlook 2010, we have mentioned two procedures in this blog. The methods are:

#1 Subscribe The Missing Folder

The most common scenario when the Outlook Sent or Deleted Items folder may go missing is when the user has not subscribed to them or the Folders are not available in the IMAP account.
For viewing all the available folders in your IMAP account, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select the Inbox folder of your account.
  • Select the Folders tab from ad then select the IMAP Folders option.


  • In the pop-up window, select Query option.


  • From the list of folders, select the Sent Items/Deleted Items folder.


  • Select the Subscribe option and then click on OK.


#2 Manually Assigning Missing Folders

In case the above-mentioned procedure did not work out for you and the Sent Items/Deleted Items folder are still missing from your Outlook 2010 account. The only option now is to assign the Sent Items/Deleted Items manually. For doing this, follow the below-mentioned procedure

  • In your IMAP account, click on File option an select the Account Settings option from right side.


  • In the Account Settings dialog box, double click on the IMAP account.


  • In the Change Account dialog box, click on More Settings option.


  • Click on Sent Items tab in the Internet E-mail settings dialog box.
  • Click on New Folder option

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  • Enter the name of the folder- Sent Items and click on Ok
  • In the tab, select the Save Sent Items… option.


  • Click on Sent Items folder and click on Ok.


  • Now, select Deleted Items tab.
  • In this click on New Folder option.

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  • Enter the name of the folder Deleted Items and click on OK.
  • Select Move Deleted items… option.


  • Select the Deleted Items folder and click on Ok.


With the help of the above-mentioned procedures, you can retrieve your missing Sent Items/Deleted Items folder in Outlook 2010.