Top 5 Smart Ways to Secure Office 365 OWA Email

Written By Chirag Arora  
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 6th, 2022
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Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service which is used by most of the organization globally. So, it is our duty to secure the O365 account against the internal as well as external threats to maintain the workflow. For this, take the extra steps to keep your O365 information secure from all catastrophic disasters.

Read on to learn how to secure Office 365 tenant mail with the best possible ways.

Let’s Begin!

5 Approaches to Secure Mail of Office 365 Account

There are many ways you can quickly implement and secure Office 365 email. Here’s are the top 5 practices to make O365 cloud mail data protected.

  • Enable Multi-factor Authentication
  • Use of Dedicated Admin Account
  • Use of DLP(Data Loss Prevention)
  • Backup of Office 365 Mailbox

1. Allow Multi-Factor Authentication:- This is the most basic as well as most effective way to increase the security of Office 365 email. If you apply MFA, so, whenever a person tries to sign-in to the account, a code will send to the registered mobile number. You need to enter that number to access the O365 account. Else, one cannot login to the account. It ensures the right user is accessing the account.

2. Always use Dedicated Admin Account:- Admin should have a separate account for non- administrative work (known as Office 365 global administrator account). And, use this account when it is necessary. Because the admin account is the valuable target for the hacker and cybercriminals. Must consider following things after creating the global administrator account.

  • Always set up the Multi-Factor Authentication for admin account.
  • Close all unrelated browsers and app before using the admin account.
  • Always log out admin account after use to secure Office 365 email.

3. Set up Data Loss Prevention:- Data Loss prevention permits users to protect crucial and classified data from external users. One can easily create DLP at implement in Office 365. Data Loss Prevention policy works on OneDrive, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online. On an extreme level, it analyse every action that happened in Microsoft Office 365 account. Ultimately, it will secure Office 365 email from catastrophic threats.

To know more about how to implement Office 365 DLP, go thorugh this blog – How to Setup Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy ?

4. Save Copy of Office 365 Email Locally :- Data loss is the most dangerous scenario for any organization or user. To troubleshoot this situation, one can create a backup copy of data locally. A backup is the process where users make copies of their data and store them into a safe location for future use.

For taking Office 365 email backup, one can try SysTools Office 365 Backup Software. One of the greatest software solutions that secure Office 365 OWA emails, contacts, and calendars on local system in PST or EML file formats.

It can backup Office 365 emails of all subscription plans, including, Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Enterprise E3, Office 365 Enterprise E5, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 A1, Office 365 A3, Office 365 A5, Office 365 F1, Office 365 Business Essentials. Adding to it, the software supports granular O365 data backup & recovery.

5. Protection Against Ransomware:- Ransomware is used by the hacker, which create a restriction on data access or lock the computer screen. The main reason behind to create ransomware is to demand money for returning the files. And, fear of ransomware is always scared the users. To troubleshoot this, one can protect Office 365 data by blocking the file extension that commonly used for ransomware. Or provide training to employees about this kind of email.

To know more about – Read Office 365 Ransomware Protection

Set Two Rules to Avoid Ransomware:

Rule 1 – Always warn users before opening the file which contains macros, because ransomware can be hidden behind macros

Rule 2 – Block the file that could contain ransomware or other malicious things. The user always uses Mail flow rule to identify which messages flow through your Exchange Online. Go through the steps to create Mail flow rule in O365.

  • First, go to the Exchange admin center
  • Now, in mail flow category, select rules.
  • Afterward, select + and then create a new rule.
  • After that, Select **** at the bottom of the dialog box to see the full set option.
  • Now, apply the setting and leave the rest of the settings at the default.
  • At last, click on Save.

Well, many users have a concern about – How to secure Office 365 email and other data on the cloud? However, with a few important considerations, such as the ones illustrated above, you can protect MS Office 365 OWA data from malicious threats.