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Microsoft Launches Threat Tracker in Office 365 Security Service

Bradley Cooper | Published: June 6, 2018 | Office 365, Security|

Staying ahead of security threats is very important for organizations as well as an individual also. Microsoft always tries to add something new to provide more security to all the Microsoft product users. Recently, Microsoft announced a new Threat Tracker capability which is available in Microsoft’s Office 365 Threat Intelligence service.

Microsoft launched Office 365 Threat Intelligence to help the organizations to become more secure by improving admin capabilities. It will offer deeper insights, great visibility, and powerful executable actions. Basically, this Threat Tracker provides powerful management and monitoring of the threat investigations. This will help admins to quickly recognize and respond to threats & taking Office 365 backup in advance to protect against Threat. A user will be able to find this feature under the ‘Threat Management’ in the Security and Compliance Center. This feature is offered through the Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription plans or a user can also purchase the licensing as an add-on subscription.

Different Office 365 Threat Tracker Categories

In Office 365 Threat Intelligence, there are different Threat Tracker categories available which are discussed below:


Noteworthy campaigns

  • Noteworthy Campaigns is an automated monitoring process which allows the speedy remediation of the threats.
  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence enables admins to quickly review the impact of these threats, accessing both their volume and frequency.
  • It shows big attacks of malware like Petya and WannaCry etc.
  • This campaign monitors update hourly and show the latest impact of the threats to your organization.


Trending Campaigns

  • The Trending Campaigns view provides the dynamic assessment of email threats impacting a person organization’s Office 365 environment.
  • It is a tenant-level view of malware trends that identify malware families on the rise, flat or declining. Moreover, it also provides admins greater insights.
  • The new threats that are not seen in the organization will appear at the top of the page.
  • It also offers a comparative view on how a threat will affect one organization versus others.
  • If an organization’s targeting percentage is >10% then, it shows that it is being specifically targeted by the attack.
  • Admins can get more information about the targeted and trending attacks in Explorer. Where a user can easily take some actions like deleting or moving the malware to junk.
  • Additionally, targeted attacks are typically short-lived so these types of attack in the Trending Campaign view may drop out of the view within a few days.



Saved Query of selected threat campaigns

  • Queries are the powerful investigative views which provide the deeper understanding of the threats and also help admins to make data-driven security updates.
  • One can access queries from the campaign view by clicking on Explorer which displays the tracked threat campaign.
  • It helps the admins in monitoring malware and phish events periodically.


Tracked Query of selected

  • Tracked queries keep a check on the malware, Phish, and other events regularly.
  • It also helps in monitoring items frequently, providing reports, allowing quick and in-depth evaluation of threats or groups.
  • Only limited number of tracked queries are available for each organization



Security is the main concern of each organization as there is an increase in the activities such as virus attack, data breaching, phishing etc. So, Microsoft is taking a step forward to provide strong and efficient security measure. With Threat Trackers feature in Office 365 Threat Intelligence, admins will be able to secure their organizations in an easy manner. It will also enrich the admin experience by providing a new way to monitor, manage and investigate the threats. This will help the admin to take a quick action against the threat.


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