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Microsoft Edge For Mac Browser Now Available in Preview: Check Out Here!

Bradley Cooper | Published: 2019-05-29T07:14:44+00:00 | News, Technology|
microsoft edge for mac browser now available

Here comes a piece of good news for all Mac OS users! Earlier, this month Microsoft excited its Edge Browser user for Mac OS. Now, the company has officially announced the availability of Microsoft Edge Canary channel for Mac OS. Users can easily install preview builds from the Microsoft Edge Insider site for Mac OS. The company is officially supporting the daily Canary builds of Edge for Mac for MacOS 10.12 and above. So, Microsoft Edge for Mac Browser now available in preview for users to understand and free download option is also provided.

Microsoft said, “Users can soon avail the benefits of Dev Channel builds and will be able to run both side by side.”

What’s New With Microsoft?

Microsoft Edge For Mac Browser Works For:

  • Making The Web A Better Place For Everyone – Creating better web compatibility for customers and less fragmentation on the web for all web developers.
  • Investing In Open Source – Making contributions back to Chromium in areas like accessibility, touch, ARM64, and others. Also, working directly with the teams at Google.
  • We are Listening – Wants Feedback from customers for improvements and new additions.

microsoft edge browser for mac os

Building a “Mac-like” user experience for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Mac browser now available in preview offers the same new browsing experience that the users are previewing on Windows, with user experience optimizations to make it feel at home on a Mac. The company is tailoring the overall look and feel to match what macOS users expect from apps on this platform.

The company is committed to developing a world-class browser with Microsoft Edge through differentiated user experience features and connected services. Microsoft has made several alterations to the user interface to align with Microsoft design language while making it feel natural on Mac Operating system.

Examples include numerous tweaks to match Mac Operating system conventions for fonts, keyboard shortcuts, menus, title casing, and other areas. The users will continue to see the look and feel of the browser evolve in the future releases as we continue to experiment and listen to customer feedback. The company encourages the users to share feedback via Send Feedback smiley.

can you download Microsoft edge on mac

Moreover, the company is designing user experiences that are exclusive for Mac OS by influencing specific hardware features available on Mac. For instance, providing amazing and contextual action through the Touch Bard like website shortcuts, tab switching and video controls along with the navigation with trackpad gestures.

microsoft edge browser free download for mac

A Glimpse of Microsoft Edge Insider Channels For Mac OS

The fresh Microsoft Edge preview builds for Mac OS are available through preview channels which are known as ‘Microsoft Edge Insider Channels.’ The company has started by launching the Microsoft Edge Insider Canary Channel. The channel is available on macOS 10.12 and above. The Dev Channel will be released very soon. Once Dev Channels will be available, one can easily download and install it side-by-side the Canary Channel.

Microsoft Edge Browser for Mac OS Now Available – Want To Try It?

The user can access and use Microsoft Edge Insider Canary Channel by downloading it from the link (

Privacy Controls For Edge Chromium

Microsoft also declared new privacy control for Edge Chromium and a new Collections feature for collection of images, general notes, text from the web. These new functionalities are not available in the Mac or Windows versions of Edge. However, the company also said the testing will soon begin in the coming weeks.

Final Words

Microsoft always works for providing the best to the users. The company keeps on innovating and exploring new platforms to make it hassle-free for users to work. This time Microsoft has come up with Microsoft Edge preview builds. Recently, Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Edge Canary channel for Mac OS users. So, this blog aids users to realise more about Microsoft Edge for Mac Browser now available with preview.

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