How to Import Multiple Contacts to Outlook? – Solved

Kacy Howard ~ Modified: February 28th, 2023 ~ How To, Outlook ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Our old account is full of contacts and all our contacts are saved in separate .vcf file. Problem is how will you move these contacts to new account. The situation makes you face in dilemma of not being able to move so many contacts at once to either Gmail or Outlook.

There are several such vCard and each file contains many details such as; contacts, phone number, email id, mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, and audio clips. Then how will you transfer your contacts to new email account? Well we give you smart technique which will definitely help you out.

Unlike vCard, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail is an email client that also supports contact lists. It is one of the most valuable email clients in the world and provides all the benefits that everyone needs. This is why many users want to Import Multiple Contacts to Gmail or Outlook clients.

User Scenario

“I have over 1000 VCF contacts with me and I want to import them into Gmail or Outlook. Importing multiple contacts into Outlook is a really busy and time-consuming task. So, I get into the fact Unaware how. I handle more than 1000 contacts at a time? Is there any solution available for my problem? If yes, please provide me with a solution as soon as possible. “

Technique to Import Multiple Contacts to Gmail or Outlook?

Method-1# Move Contacts  File to Gmail Account

Combine Contact Files in One VCF Contact via Command Prompt

You can merge or we can say combine all your contacts file using the command prompt in Windows and then you import that file to Gmail. And from Gmail you can export contact  file to Outlook.

For this first place all the .vcf files into a folder to the root of your C:\ Drive. You can place it anywhere you want to but take care of the command line where file resides, so let’ assume that the file is saved in C drive and hence the command prompt will read as C:\ and the file name is MyContacts. Follow the steps:

  •  Open up Command Prompt by hitting Windows key+ R and type “cmd” or you can directly type “cmd” at the start menu search program tab and hit “Enter”.


  •  Enter the following text, cd C:\MyContacts and hit “Enter


  • This gives path location as C drive.

 Now type

copy /B *.vcf all_in_one.vcf and hit “Enter”


  • This will start merging the multiple .vcf files to one single file named as “all_in_one.vcf” which contains all the information.
  • Now you can close the command prompt by first typing “exit” and hitting “Enter” after that. Now you can open up the MyContacts file in C:\ and check that it has created your file. It will be the largest file there as it contains whole info.
  • Once it has finished (a few seconds) you will be able to see 1 file(s) copied.


  • The all_in_one.vcf file will be saved in the root directory i.e. C drive and in My Contacts folder.


II: Import Generated File to Gmail

  • Open your Gmail Account, and click on the drop-down arrow on “Gmail” and select “Contacts”.




  • Then select the drop-down box on the “More” tab and choose “Import”. This will open the “Import Wizard”. Choose your file and provide the path where your new generated file is i.e. all_in_one.vcf file.



  • This will automatically import your contacts to Gmail.



Method 2# Now to Export These Contacts
Follow the Below Steps:


  • Since this time we are exporting, click on the drop-down box on the word More and choose the option “Export”.


  • The Export Wizard will now give you some options of choosing the contacts to be exported and to which format.
  • Select the Outlook CSV format. If you are wanting to import your contacts from Gmail to an Apple address book or another application (except a Google account) choose the vCard format. Hit “Export” to begin.


  • After you click “Export”, Gmail will output a copy of the contacts you choose to export to a .csv file to your default download location chosen by you. Now you can export the newly created .csv file containing the contacts to Outlook.
  • Open Outlook and go File>Import /Export



  • Select Import from another program or file


  • Next, Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows)


  •  Now browse for the .csv file containing your contact information that Gmail created. I elected to not import duplicate items (contacts) but that is up to you.


  • Now Outlook will want to know which folder the information will be stored in. As this is contacts, save it to the Contacts folder.


  • Now hit “Finish” and you are done.


Disadvantages of Manual Methods

As you know, the manual method may have some drawbacks described below.

  • The manual method is very long, tedious and time consuming.
  • This is an unrealistic task for non-technical users as it requires technical knowledge.
  • Data integrity and security are not guaranteed. This process took a long time to complete.

Automated Solution to Import Multiple Contacts to Gmail or Outlook Perfectly

To Import Multiple contacts files to Outlook with SysTools VCF Converter, the best solution to import contacts for Outlook is given below. The tool can easily move contact file into Gmail or Outlook. It is a hassle-free solution designed specifically for all domestic and commercial users. The tool allows you to convert contacts files to several formats. You can download a trial version of this program. Once you feel good about it. You can buy the full version.

Firstly, you need to create CSV file.

Solution 1: To Import Multiple Contacts to Gmail

Step 1# Convert VCF File to Google CSV

  • Download & Run the Utility on your System.

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  • Choose files with dual selection options: Add File or Add Folder

Add VCF files

  • Hit the Radio button for the Google CSV file, and select the “Browse” Option.

Click GoogleCSV

  • Select on the “OK” tab on the user interface of the Utility.
  • Click on Export to start the export process.

Step 2: Import Google File into Gmail

  • Next, you need to move the file into your Gmail contacts. To do this, log in to your Gmail account.
  • Next, open the Google Contacts box
  • Click the Settings icon and select the Import option
  • After this, the Contact Import Wizard will pop up. Press the Select File tab. Select Import

Solution 2: Solution to Import Multiple Contact Files into Outlook

  • The first step is to Install and Run this Utility.

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  • Add a VCF File or Folder to the program
  • Select on the radio Option for the MS Outlook profile, and click on the “Explore” tab.
  • Click Outlook from the drop-down list. and Hit on the “Export” tab.


Today most people are experiencing problems with Microsoft Outlook. This is why everyone wants to Import Multiple Contacts to Gmail or Outlook. In this blog, we have described both techniques of how to transfer multiple contact files to Gmail or Outlook. You can choose any method according to you.