Struggling With Slow Wi-Fi while Working from Home? Read This

Written By Nimisha Ramesh  
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Published On November 14th, 2022
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If you are one of them who are facing issues while working from home, read this write-up carefully because here we will show you some simple solutions to fix slow Wi-Fi home network or Wi-Fi connection issues. So from now on, you will not suffer from poor Wi-Fi connection at home.

We know slow Wi-Fi is hampering your crucial business video conferences, email attachments are not downloading and the chat box is not running. Well, we understand your pain and all of this is happening because of the Internet speed of your Wi-Fi connection at home is not good enough.

If you are facing such errors don’t blame your Internet Service Provider or don’t break your Wi-Fi router. This may be possible due to the hindrance of other devices that may be causing interference with the Wi-Fi signal. The devices like microwaves, cordless phones, halogen lamps, television might be affecting your Wi-Fi in case your router will be close enough to these things.

The COVID – 19 has forced millions of people around the whole world to start doing work from home. While working or making some important calls, suddenly you call get stuck or you are unable to access the Internet or it shows the error of “No Internet Connection” this will make you feel terrible you definitely blame your ISP.


Do you know that the electronic equipment those are making your slow Wi-Fi speed at home!! Think for a second…

The microwave ovens that you are using in your home or placing your router behind the wall can reduce your Wi-Fi signal or cause Wi-Fi connection issues on laptop. Devices like cordless phones, halogen lamps, stereos, television can reduce your Wi-Fi speed.

Wi-Fi Connection Drop at Run time

Does your Wi-Fi connection drops whenever you use devices like microwave. You don’t know that routers that work on 2.4GHz frequency get affected. If you are experiencing hindrance or poor Wi-Fi connection at home it may cause by another network that runs on heavy frequency in that particular case changing your router channel works.

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How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Problem

You don’t know that inside your home there are many devices cause hindrance to your Wi-Fi because they all are working on the same wireless frequency on which your Wi-Fi works.

Most of the routers and microwaves work on a frequency of 2.4 GHz therefore; they are the reasons for slow Wi-Fi at that makes you unable to send or received data.

“So don’t use such devices while making video calls and doing some important work through the internet”.

Pro Tips to Enhance Your Wi-Fi Speed

  • The most important thing is to place your router away from other devices that might be causing hindrance to the signals like on the table
  • Use audio while on meeting it require a very less Internet bandwidth
  • Use Ethernet cables to directly connect your computer through the Internet
  • Avoid using devices that will cause hindrance to your Wi-Fi
  • Disconnect other devices that are not in use

Several organizations are trying to maximize the Internet speed during the lockdown. Many platforms like Facebook, Netflix, YouTube have already reduced the quality of videos to make your Internet faster. So, follow these tips and get rid of slow Wi-Fi issues while working from home.

Wrapping Things Up

We know that while working from home Wi-Fi necessary but there are things slowing down its speed. But, you can easily fix slow Wi-Fi or poor Wi-Fi connection at home issues by reading this write-up. Also, avoid using devices that might be causing interference with Wi-Fi networks because you know the reasons for slow Wi-Fi at home and enjoy your work in a trouble-free manner.


By Nimisha Ramesh

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