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Public Wifi networks are the best friends of Cyber Criminals. In the present arena, more than 70% of computer users utilize Public Wifi hotspots on the regular basis with equal of the smartphones and tablet users. As being connected is suitable and who does not like the free price when it comes in using an internet. There are various Cyber criminals, who can simply exploit the Public Wifi security in two main ways as mentioned:

  • By collecting unencrypted data, which is being accepted via the networks
  • By making, fake Wifi hotspots, which appear legitimate.

Now, the question comes up how to stay safe on Public Wifi. Read on to know in details to understand the way to stay secure on Public Wifi

9 Public Wifi Security Tips to Protect Yourself from Threats

1. Turn Off Sharing


May you share your data like your music library, pictures, etc. with others or even share permit the remote login from other systems on your network in a privacy of your own. If you inactivate these settings before giving a connection with a Public Wi-Fi network then, anyone can hack into your machine. Therefore as part of Public Wifi safety , it is always recommended to turn off sharing to Stay Safe on Public Wifi.

2. Use VPN


The best way to Stay Safe on Public Wifi or from any untrusted network while you have to utilize one. Using VPN makes sure that all your data is completely encrypted between you and service provider in order to maintain Public Wifi security. It means that locking out anyone on the similar network that you must be snooping around.
If you utilize VPN then, make sure that it is completely trusty, do not share your IP address, or even leak any other information related to you, in order to stay secure on Public Wifi.

3. Avoid Auto-Connections


Your smartphone may be set on the automatically connection mode to any of the existing Wi-Fi hotspot. This setting can extremely endanger your privacy. It not only permits your device to link to the Public networks without your precise permission, you may even be automatically connecting with the malicious networks set up explicitly to take your information. To avoid such condition & ensure Public Wifi safety , it is suggested to not use auto-connection.

4. Use HTTPS


On the regular basis, websites transfer all their content in plain text, creating it in a simple target for anybody who hackled into your connection. Most of the sites utilize HTTPS for encrypting the data transfer. However, one should not completely rely on the web services to keep you secure. Therefore, stay secure on Public Wifi you can make this connection encrypted with browser extension HTTPS all over the place.

5. Make 2-Factor Authentication


2-factor authentication means that you require two pieces of the information to log into an account- one is that you know whereas other is which you have. Frequently, this proceeds the form of password as well as a code sent to your mobile.
Various popular websites as well as services support the two-factor authentication. This shows that even if nobody is able to get your secure password due to hole in Public Wi-Fi network then, they will not be able to enter into your mailbox & retain Public Wifi security .

6. Confirmation of Network Name


Most of the times, hackers will set up their fake Wi-Fi network to invite unwitting Public Wi-Fi users. Connecting with a fake network might put your device into hands of a hacker. If you are not completely sure that you are connecting to official network then, ask them to Stay Safe on Public Wifi.

7. Protect your Password


With unique passwords for diverse accounts can benefit you with Public Wifi safety if one of your account is do a deal. Having a track of various secure passwords can be complicated, so utilizing a password manager can help keep you Stay Safe on Public Wifi.

8. Use Firewall


Most of the OS comes up with built-in firewall that completely monitors all the incoming as well as outgoing connections. A firewall will not offer whole protection , but it is a setting, which should always be permitted to Stay Safe on Public Wifi.

9. Use Anti-Virus Software


To stay secure on Public Wifi & ensure Public Wifi safety , always use up-to-date antivirus software can help in providing the very first alert if your machine has been do a deal while connected to any unsecured network. An alert will be shown if any recognized viruses are overloaded onto your machine or if there is any doubtful behavior, like modifications to registry files.


In summation

Numerous of free Public Wifi is rising. However, we must be aware that every Wifi can give the protection of private network. Therefore, it is important to stay secure on Public Wifi by keeping your eyes open. To ensure Public Wifi safety , we have shared some quick tips to Stay Safe on Public Wifi.


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