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Want to know a feasible solution to extract images from Outlook email? Then, without making any further delay, simply make the best use of the article and find the accurate procedure to extract embedded images from Outlook.

Undoubtedly, it is quite exhausting to save inline or embedded pictures from Outlook. Besides this, in the case of multiple embedded images, the situation can be worse as the process is much more complex. So, let’s dive a little deeper to quickly save or download those pictures. So, let’s begin the post & here are the topics that we will discuss throughout the post…

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What are Embedded Images in Outlook?

In Outlook, embedded images are the images that are inserted directly into the email body, rather than attached as separate files. When you are composing an email, users can insert the images from their computer or online sources using the “Insert” option button. These images become part of the email’s HTML content and are sent with the email to recipients.

Embedded photos never require separate downloads because they are always shown inline within the email client, making them instantly visible when recipients open the email. Sharing photos within an email message is now easier using embedded photos.

Extract Embedded Images from Outlook using Built-in Feature

  1. Run Outlook.
  2. Now, open the email message with embedded images.
  3. Select the inline picture & make a right click.
  4. Next, select the save as Picture option & browse the location.
  5. Enter the File Name and successfully extract images from Outlook.

Note: Repeat the process for multiple inline pictures & emails.

Extract Images from Outlook Email with Copy & Paste

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Now, locate the email message with inline images.
  3. Right-click on the picture & select the Copy option from it.
  4. Afterwards, open Windows Paint and paste the copied image.
  5. Last click on File >> Save As & successfully export pictures from Outlook.

Note: This method is good if you have small number of emails. Now, let’s explore the automated solution to complete the process.

Expert Suggestions to Batch Save Multiple Pictures from Outlook Email

When there are multiple emails from which you need to extract images, then the manual solution won’t work efficiently. Thus, to complete the process in a hassle-free way it’s recommended to go with SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor.

This software is designed in a manner to extract all embedded/inline, photo or picture types such as .gif, .jpg, .png, etc., from emails within a few minutes. Besides Outlook PST files, the software can efficiently perform image extraction from OST and BAK files.

The software is equipped with an advanced set of features enabling you to easily extract images from Outlook email. One of the remarkable features of the tool is the facility to remove attachments from selective folders. You can download the free version or purchase the full version of the software from its official website.

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Steps to Extract Embedded Images from Outlook

  1. Download and run the software.
  2. Next, browse & upload the Outlook data file.
    add outlook data file
  3. Now, select the Email category option to extract images.
    select required email category
  4. Afterwards, apply the data filters & select the designation location.
    apply data filters
  5. At last, click on Extract to safely export embedded images from Outlook.
    Extract inline images from Outlook

How to Extract Images from Outlook Email at Once?

  1. Open the email containing the picture attachments first and Choose every picture.
  2. Now Click on the “Save All Attachments” button.
  3. Click the OK button after Selecting your choices.
  4. To download the image, click on the ‘Save As’ button, browse to choose a destination path, and then enter a name. Lastly, press the ‘OK’ button.”

Advanced Technique to Handle Embedded Images In Outlook

Outlook uses two common email formats to display messages, i.e. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and RTF (Rich Text Format). Here is the complete step to use this method:

  1. Run MS Outlook.
  2. Now, locate the message with inline photos.
  3. Go to File >> Save As >> Select HTML from the dropdown.
  4. Browse the path & click on the Save button.
  5. Outlook will export the email message & pictures in a separate folder.

All the aforementioned methods can be used for extracting the image from the Outlook email. However, the problem occurs when you have a large number of email messages containing images or pictures from which you want to extract all the embedded pictures from multiple Outlook PST files.

Drawbacks to Manually Extract Images from Outlook Email

  • Manually extracting images increases the chances of errors, such as accidental deletion etc.
  • During the manual extraction process, emails may be accidentally deleted or modified, which could lead to the loss of important data.
  • Users who choose to manually extract images must be technically skilled in using Outlook’s interface and managing the picture files.
  • Manually extracting images could lead to disorganization in the absence of automated tools or procedures.
  • In the process to save multiple pictures from Outlook email, you have to open every email separately and save each image individually, which might take a long time.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q) How do I download all the images from Outlook email?

  • Run Outlook and open the Email.
  • Now, click on the File >> Save As option.
  • Browse the location, and select Web Page as saving format.
  • This will save all the Outlook emails along with their images.

Q) How do I move pictures from Outlook to a folder?

  • Open the email with the pictures.
  • Now, right-click on each image, and choose the “Save As” option.
  • Next, select the destination folder for saving the images.

Q) Why can’t I download images in Outlook?

Ans – Disable the picture-blocking feature in Outlook:

  • First, open Outlook and go to File > Options.
  • From the left navigation bar, choose Trust Center. Then, click on Trust Center, and pick Trust Center Settings.
  • Finally, choose Automatic Download and Modify the configuration Avert the automatic download of images from HTML emails.

The Closing Lines

You can easily extract images from Outlook email by using manual methods. However, the manual technique is quite tedious yet time-consuming to batch extract embedded images from Outlook. In this case, you should use the mentioned application which is recommended by the experts to save inline pictures from multiple PST files or multiple emails in a single go. Also, you will get 24*7 free technical support.

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