How to Remove Duplicate Attachments & Mails from Outlook

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Published On November 15th, 2022
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As MS Outlook is commonly used as a professional email platform by several organizations, employees exchange email messages for their daily work updates. The mail flow in the organization often involves a lot of email duplicates & attachments as the messages from external & internal senders are forwarded to colleagues, bosses, and relevant departments.

Basically, the duplicate items present in the Outlook profile increase the size of the email database, which may slow down the overall Outlook performance. The blog will be discussing how to remove duplicate attachments from Outlook.

Need for Duplicate Removal Process in Outlook

When the employee receives an email, which should have been addressed to a different employee of the same organization, he/she will forward the email without further delay. It will create at least two copies of the emails or attachments (if present) in the mailbox.

The attached files will be dragged with the emails irrespective of their size, file type, etc. In situations like this are repeated, the database will contain lots of identical files or emails. In order to manage the mailbox size and to improve the Outlook performance, we need to remove duplicate emails from Outlook along with its attachments.

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How to Remove Duplicate Attachments from Outlook

  • Deleting Duplicates from the Attachments Line
  1. Start Outlook and open the message having duplicate attachments or messages received with duplicates.
  2. Look for the attachments located under the headers, next to the message icon
  3. Select and right-click the attachment, and click on ‘Remove attachment’ from the menu. Confirm the deletion by clicking on ‘Remove Attachment’ from the pop-up window.
  • Remove Duplicate Attachments from Outlook email body
  1. Open the Email message containing duplicate attachments. Search if the message contains duplicate items you want to remove.
  2. Click on the attachment to highlight it. After selecting the attachment, a dotted line will appear.
  3. Go to Move menu at the top menu and select ‘Actions’. Click on ‘Edit Message’ from the drop-down box. Select the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard to delete the duplicate attachment.

How to Draw Out Duplicate Mails in Outlook

  1. Launch Outlook 2002/2007 and go to Current view on View Menu, click to change the folder view to a table type view.
  2. In Outlook 2003, Go to Arrange By on the View menu and point to Current View changing the folder view to a table type view.
  3. In Outlook 2010, select the folder from which you want to delete duplicate items and click the Change View on View Tab, change the folder view to table type view.
  4. Right-click a column heading & click Field Chooser.
  5. Click to select All <item name> fields from the list at top of the Field Chooser
  6. Drag the Modified field to the table heading
  7. Ensure that the duplicate items have a unique date from the original set of items. If it is unique, click the Modified heading to sort the items by this field.
  8. Select the first item that you want to delete to the last item while you hold down the SHIFT
  9. Click on DELETE to delete all the selected items permanently.

Instant Solution to Remove Duplicate Attachments and Mails from Outlook

These manual methods of deleting duplicate emails and attachments may not work in all the versions of MS Outlook and consume lots of unnecessary time. In order to remove duplicate Email items from Outlook effortlessly, we can use a third-party tool Outlook Duplicate Email Remover.

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The software has been enabled to draw-out duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, and other data items from multiple Outlook PST files at a time. This Windows-based tool supports the removal of duplicated from both ANSI & UNICODE PST file types.


In the blog, we have discussed the issue of increasing mailbox size in the Outlook profile due to the presence of duplicate data items such as emails and attachments. The manual method on how users can delete duplicate attachments has been described. However, since the manual method does not provide satisfactory results, a third-party tool has been suggested as an easy process to remove duplicate attachments from Outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of duplicates in Outlook?

Duplicates in Microsoft Outlook can create lots of issues. For example,
1. Performance degrade
2. Storage space issue
3. Low productivity
4. Outlook become slow

Is it possible to delete duplicated emails having same subject from Outlook?

Yes, with the help of professional solutions, you can locate and delete emails with same subject. In addition, these solutions let you find duplicate emails from other fields also as per your choice.

How to remove duplicates from the password protected PST file?

In order to delete duplicates from the protected PST file, take help of SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover. It will surely clean up duplicated from protected PST also.