SQL Server 2019: An Intelligent Database For Industry-Leading Performance

Written By Mohit Jha
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Published On June 6th, 2024
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SQL Server 2019

On September 24, 2018, at Ignite 2018 event, Microsoft declared the first public preview of SQL Server 2019 Community Technology Preview (CTP).

Finally, the wait is over now. At the Ignite conference, Microsoft announced the details of the next release of SQL Server. Several users are wondering that if there will any SQL Server 2018? Well, the answer is Microsoft has skipped this year for SQL Server release and will release the SQL Server 2019 in the starting of next year. Here is a complete rundown of everything the new Microsoft release promises, from improved performance to security and perks of availability.


SQL Server 2019: A Unified Data Platform

Recently, Microsoft introduced with the SQL Server 2019 public preview. There will likely be respective revisions earlier that goes to RTM however, now this is the best time to check out some of the major modifications in the database platform. The new SQL Server release is packed with several new features to improve the performance, incorporate increasing amounts of the corporate database, beef up the security, and much more. This update comes with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Apache Spark to administer your overall database.

While no release date has been fixed, the data scientists, database administrators, and database engineers can simply download the first Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (Community Technology Preview).

So, What’s New in Microsoft SQL Server 2019?

  • Ability to connect the SQL Server, HDFS container, and Spark data simply using a Big Data Cluster
  • Enhanced intelligence Query Processing. Fresh Polybase connectors for the SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle, and MongoDB.
  • Big data clusters deploy SQL Server next with the HDFS and Spark into a single united cluster for the big scale and analytics
  • SQL Server on Linux comprised more features such as PolyBase, distributed transactions, agent replication, and machine learning services
  • Utilize Java code in SQL queries additionally for already supported languages like Python, .NET, and R
  • Allows to expand the operations users can execute against the Always Encrypted data, utilizing a protected region of memory called a secure enclave. With the help of a secure enclave, now users can perform other operations too against the Always Encrypted data.
  • Provide more support to Kubernetes and containers i.e., Always On Availability Groups on the Kubernetes
  • Data virtualization connectors for MongoDB, Oracle, Teradata, other SQL Servers, and ODBC compliance data sources
  • Graph SQL query improvements such as transitive closure and protect data at rest as well as in use
  • Create modern applications with brilliant features using user choice of language as well as the platform

Platform of Choice

The SQL Server 2019 is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Windows OS X
  • Linux
  • Docker Containers and Kubernetes

Database Compatibility Level

Database compatibility level offers an easy certification path for any existing application that helps with future upgrades to the new releases where the database compatibility status remains the same. These are new modifications to the query processor that is available with the database compatibility level = 150

SQL Server 2019 Supports Azure Data Studio

Expanded support for more database workloads in the SQL Server necessitates expanded tooling. Azure Data Studio shipped a new Preview Extension for adding the support for select SQL Server properties. The extension provides connectivity and tools for the SQL Server big data clusters, along with a preview of first notebook experience in SQL Server toolset, and new PolyBase Create External Table window, which lets accessing data from the remote SQL Server and Oracle cases easy and fast.

As Microsoft has not proclaimed any official release date but, it is expected that this version will be available in the next 3-5 months. Well, the defined duration can be accelerated or extended and it depends on the feedback of early tool adopters.


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