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Top 7 Tips for Creating a Secure Strong Password – Easy to Memorize

Bradley Cooper | Published: March 28, 2018 | Tips|

In the present arena, all the information that we keep online has been in the spotlight. There are huge data breaches at various sites that have pulled into high focus the dangers of reusing the passwords across various accounts & websites. Still when it is asked to Create Strong Password then, the very first thing, which comes in mind is,I need to create a password, which is easy to remember so as to be remembered easily.” With this mind set, one creates a simple password. Unfortunately, it takes only a minute to hack such password and have the complete access of your account.

According to survey, it is found that various companies & websites who are working hard for users to utilize strong password tips or rules to force users for creating a strong password But thanks with the much news about accounts being hacked and emphasis on using a strong password, which has opened the minds of several people and everyone knows its importance as well. However, a question is still pending that what is strong password. Therefore, in this write-up we will put a limelight on what is strong password, how to create one & Tips to Create Strong Password .

 What is Strong Password ?

A strong password is the one, which is designed to be difficult for a person to discover. As the purpose of strong memorable password is to make sure that only authorized person can access it. A password, which is simple to guess, is a security risk. Crucial components of strong password tips covers up sufficient length & also mix character types. A weak password is short as well as consists of solely of letter in a single case.

Quick Tips to Create Strong Password :

Make Long Password


Your opponent is not any person in a ski mask who is trying to predict your password at a time. It is a program, which runs automatically via massive databases of the common passwords.

The best strong password tip for this is creating a strong password with a very long string of words. If we you small word password then, anyone can guess it easily. However, by choosing strong password with good character length, it is difficult for anyone to guess it. As the hackers use “dictionary attacks” to guess the words of password. Using very long & strong memorable password makes it difficult for the users to give a guess to the long password.

Do not Use Common Phrase

Passphrases is one of the recommended Tips to Create Strong Password, which is used by many users. It is mainly made up of series of random words with an argument being that it is simpler for the users to remember them. However, it is difficult for the hackers top crack it. However, the key of an active passphrase is randomness such as “The cat sat in the hat.” Now, it is not an easy to task for hacker to guess the passphrase. Whereas by using the common phrases are simple & easy to be hacked by the hacker such as using 123456 as a password or many more like this.


Use Different Password for Different Services

Many times, we just think to use the same password for all the services on web in a way to remember only one password. Actually, it is not at all safe. If it all when your password on some web-based services get hacked then, all your other accounts will be hacked easily by the hacker. Therefore, it is always recommended to use different password for different services when creating a strong password to be safe & secure in this cyber world.


Do not Store Passwords in Browser

This may be blindingly clear that most of time we think why we need to enter password again-and-again, as it is my own system. Therefore, most of the time users store the password in their browser. However, it is a wrong practice as by saving the password anyone can be easily access your web-service and steal the relevant information without your knowledge.


Use 2-Factor Authentication

Allowing the 2-Factor Authentication is an effective way that one can make anyone less susceptible to hackers. If you are having 2FA enabled then, congratulations as you have made hacker’s life difficult as they may have your password. However, without having that second factor, they fail to access your account as normally the code is sent to owner’s mobile phone. Therefore, it is recommended to use 2FA to be secure.


Use Character Combinations

Generally, it is advised to use combination of upper & lower case letters, symbols, and numbers whenever creating a strong password. A strong password examples must be a combination of dictionary word like Blue hoR$e. As strong memorable password is difficult to be guessed by anyone especially by the hackers.


Use Hard to Guess Security Question

Various sites provide an option for the security question when you create strong password such as “What’s your mother’s maiden name.” However, most of the identity thief can have the answers to such common questions and get an access for your account easily. Therefore, it is suggested to use hard to guess security question in a manner to secure.



Wrapping Up

It is not all the time simple to come up with complicated passwords when creating a strong password, but it is significant to recollect that passwords, which are easy to create as well as remember, are frequently the easiest to hack. We hope that Tips to Create Strong Password given here will make easy to come up with unique set of passwords, which will be easy for you to remember and even tough for the potential identity thieves to crack it. Follow these strong password tips & Secure your information !

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