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SSD vs HDD – Know Which is Better, Reliable, Durable in Comparison

Bradley Cooper | Published: 2018-11-03T10:51:58+00:00 | Technology|

Data has become an inseparable part of our life and for personal data storage, we use different types of drives. These disk drives are the soul of a computer, whether it is a desktop or laptop. Now, there are different types of drives available in the market. As a result, users often find it hard to choose between them. To solve this problem, we will talk about the difference between HDD and SSD. By reading this post, users will come to know about SSD VS HDD, which one is better, more reliable, durable. Moreover, they will also find out which one has better performance, less failure rate, lower boot time and loads faster. Before going to the main discussion, we will know what is SSD and HDD.

Overview of SSD and HDD

Though both of these are used for storing data, they are basically different.

What is SSD: SSD stands for Solid-State Drive. It is a form of data storage device that uses flash memory to store your data. It cannot be called hard drive as they are different from the traditional HDDs. It does not need a constant power supply to run.

What is HDD: The full form of HDD is Hard Disk Drive. All data of a system is saved in an HDD including operating system and applications. It is also the largest device of a computer that is used for data storage.

What Are the Difference Between SSD & HDD

To discuss the detailed SSD vs HDD comparison, we have chosen some prominent parameters like which one has better performance, more reliable, faster, durable, lower boot time, etc. These will be taken into consideration.

  • HDD and SSD Storage Capacity: The amount of data we have to deal with is increasing, so is the capacity of data storage device. Once, 1 GB hard drive used to be considered as sufficient. As for now, 1 Terabyte hard disks are not enough or many people. The size of HDD is increasing without much changes to their price. SSD still cannot facilitate large-scale data storage. To store a really vast amount of data, HDD should be the right choice.
  • Durability: Users must also consider the reliability of the gadget. An HDD contains platters that are subject to constant spinning. Therefore, HDDs are not only prone to wear and tear but also vulnerable against all types of bump, shake, and fall. In the case of SSD, things are quite opposite. SSDs are able to retain the integrity of stored data for more than two hundred years. Moreover, data read/ write processes of SSD do not deteriorate. Thus, SSD’s are more durable than HDD.
  • SSD & HDD Price: If we SSD vs HDD comparison based on price, SSD is costlier than a hard disk. As a result, you have to increase your budget if you are planning to use SSD. This comparison has been drawn based on the price of per Gigabyte storage. Since hard drive uses more of a traditional and established technology, its price will remain stable in coming days. An SSD of a particular size will cost almost double than an HDD of the same size.
  • Heat, Noise & Vibration: There are some basic factors like heat, noise, and vibration related to almost all electronic devices. Before buying any SSD and HDD, these should also be taken into consideration. When it comes to producing heat, SSD produces almost no heat. HDD also does not create much heat, but its amount is more compared to SSDs. All HDD will make noise for sure, though its degree will vary. Spinning platters will create some vibration in hard drive when there will be no vibration in an SSD.
  • SSD vs HDD Speed: HDD is comparatively slower than SSD when it comes to the speed of both data reading and writing. In case of a standard HDD, average data read and write speed ranges between 120 – 130 MB/s. In case of solid state drive, the range goes beyond 500 MB/s. For these reasons, SSD’s have better performance than HDD when compared on the parameter of speed.
  • Power Consumption: All electronic gadgets rely on power consumption. If you are conscious about the environment and want to save power, SSD should be your device. It consumes a comparatively lower amount of electricity than Hard Drives, which becomes half power consumption in many cases. The reason behind the power efficiency of SSD is that it does not have to spin platters.


It is a common situation when users get confused while choosing between SSD and HDD. In this post, we have discussed the differences between SSD vs HDD comparison in multiple aspects. From the above discussion, it became clear that both the drives are useful and can be used for separate requirements. It is completely up to the users which one they would choose. Regardless of their choice, users should keep in mind that all disk drives can face corruption. During any kind of data loss and data corruption, Hard Drive Recovery Utility can be used to recover data.

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