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Remove Bad Rabbit Ransomware: A Severe Threat to Global Masses!

Editor | October 26th, 2017 | Technology|

Bad Rabbit Ransomware as the name suggests is one of the most evil ransomware that was spotted on October 24th first. The malware instantly affected systems of Russia and Ukraine. This virus is the third majorly spread Ransomware in the year. The main aim of this blog is to make the people aware of Bad Rabbit Ransomware on a single platform, so let’s accomplish the process to Remove Bad Rabbit Virus.
The main way through which it is widely spread is Drive by Attacks in which the insecure websites have been compromised.

One of the personals from the Kaspersky Labs proclaimed that

“While target visits legitimate website, malware dropper is being downloaded from victim’s infrastructure.”

In such instance, the malware is disguised as Adobe Flash Installer. The file is completely innocent-looking but when it is clicked for opening, it completely starts locking infected computer. The root spread of Flash download is done in websites via JavaScript that is injected in HTML or Java File of target website.

Note: The main point to be noted is the malware is not installed automatically, it implies that it needs to be clicked on for making it functional.

The Bad Rabbit Ransomware can be initiated in the system in case a person does click on malicious installer and the specific number of flash updates that are issued is probable and after this their system locks. The Ransomware leaves a note and the payment page demanding around $280 in Bitcoin and offers a 40 hours deadline for the payments to be made.

Who are the Main Targets of Bad Rabbits Malware?

The Bad Rabbit Malware has not spread so much like WannaCry, NotPetya. Only few of the incidents have been reported in Russia and Ukraine. According to the few reports of Eset Secuity Company, there are a lot of Russian domains (.ru) that are damaged via the Bad Rabbit Ransomware. Kaspersky even adds that all the compromised websites it has witnessed, are the news and media outlets. It further stated that it even showed its colors in other countries like Turkey and Germany. KSN Statistics added about Bad Rabbit Ransomware, that the target ratio was approximately 200. The major parts included Kiev Metro, Odessa Airport also. In the response, a Ukrainian Nation Computer Emergency Team issued a warning about this intrusion to make the people aware.

Till now, the situations are normal and there is no attack in UK. The National Cyber Security Centre states that it is completely aware of the Bad Rabbit Malware and it is monitoring the entire situation. It completely recommends that the security updates for the intrusion has been installed.

Now, the question that arises is where is it coming from:

Analysis delivers that it has many similarities with the NotPetya Virus. It even portrayed that the Ransomware exploits Server Message Block, which is even seen in the NotPetya. It can be proclaimed that the virus has the same authors as that of NotPetya.

Manually Remove Bad Rabbit Ransomware:

1. First of all to Remove Bad Rabbit Virus , check all the shortcuts of browser on the desktop, taskbar and Start menu. Right click on the shortcut and completely change its properties

2. Investigate list of installed programs and uninstall the unknown recently downloaded programs directly

3. Then, Open Task Manager and close the processes that relates to the Bad Rabbit Ransomware in its description. Completely discover all directories in which these processes start. Navigate for a random or different file name

4. Inspect all the Windows Services. Press Win+R type in: services.msc and then Press OK

5. Disable services with complete random names and it contains Bad Rabbit Virus in the name or description

6. Once done with it press Win+R and type in taskchd.msc and after that press Ok for opening Windows Task

Scheduler. In this section, delete a task that are related to the Bad Rabbit Malware and then disable unknown tasks having the random names

7. Clear Windows Registry from Bad Rabbit Virus and press Win+R, type in: regedit.exe and then press Ok. Find it and delete all the keys/values contained in Bad Rabbit Ransomware

8. Remove Bad Rabbit Virus from all the browsers like Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, etc and in case any step is skipped the virus can come back in the system.

The Final Note

From the above discussed methods, it is quite clear that users can follow it thoroughly and hence can rely on it completely. Therefore, connect to the article and how to remove Bad Rabbit Ransomware.

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