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Microsoft Office 365 for US Government : Features & Benefits of New Office 365 Suite

Bradley Cooper | March 8th, 2018 | Data Recovery|

Recently, Microsoft has created an uproar in the market with the announcement of their new customized cloud suite for US Government. This suite is called Microsoft Office 365 US Government. This post will explain in detail about Office 365 for US Government.

What is Office 365 for US Government

Office 365 US Government is a productivity suite offered by Microsoft for US Government officials only. It aims at providing transparent and trustworthy solution to all government agencies of US. The major services offered by this suite include Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and EMS service (Enterprise Mobility + Security.) Microsoft states that the objective of this new suite is to meet the modern time demand for mobility and enhanced security. All Office 365 US Government data are saved in physical locations of US territory. Only US citizens will have access to O365 US Government data as account Admin. Moreover, they have to go through vigorous background checking before acquiring access.

Services and Features Offered by Office 365 for US Government

Microsoft is offering three environments for Office 365 US Government. They confirmed that all of these comply with the minimum government-specific regulations criteria. Here are the three cloud environments used by Office 365 for US Government:

GCC: GCC or Government Community Cloud will be there to serve civilian US government organizations belonging to local, federal, and state level.

GCC High: This cloud platform is ready to serve government clients in highly delicate situations. Airforce and defense contractors doing business with these organizations can also avail service from this cloud.

DoD Cloud: This cloud service is particularly for Department of Defense that includes all agencies that fall within armed forces.

Now, we will have a glance at the services available to the subscribers of different Office 365 for US Government plans.

Office 365 US Government Services Office 365 US Government G1 Office 365 US Government G3 Office 365 US Government G5 Office 365 US Government F1
Office Online
Office 365 ProPlus
Exchange Online
Exchange Online Protection
OneDrive for Business
Skype for Business
SharePoint Online
Voice – Phone System, Audio Conferencing

Office 365 US Government plans will come with these features too –

Features Office 365 US Government G1 Office 365 US Government G3 Office 365 US Government G5 Office 365 US Government F1
Office 365 management using PowerShell
Regular Updates to All Customers
Office Delve
Microsoft Sway
Microsoft StaffHub
Azure Active Directory services
Multiple Administrator Roles
Cloud Identity
Users Changing own Password
Multi-Factor Authentication
Online Help and Self-Paced Training
Advanced Threat Protection
Advanced Data Governance
Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery

Benefits of Using Office 365 for US Government

A number of exciting benefits are waiting for Office 365 US Government users. Let’s learn some of its major benefits.

  • Customized Permission: This suite provides extra features than the conventional Office 365 plans. Unlike usual O365 accounts, administrators do not have rights over all accounts by default. Every user can choose how much access to be given to other users and cloud applications on their devices.
  • Full-Proof Protection from Access: Access to your device is protected form everyone, which includes support personnel. Any type of assistance from Microsoft engineers will be provided with the consent of the account owner.
  • Remote Deletion: Now, this is an added feature and surely is a useful one. Office 365 for US Government takes mobile device data security to the next level. Now, apps from this suite will enable users to remotely erase data from handsets if it gets stolen or lost.
  • Compliance with Government Rules: Office 365 US Government operates by complying with the rules of USA government. Therefore, they are bound to follow basic global security standards by releasing security updates on a regular basis. No other security product will offer such features to its users.
  • Customized Security Measures: Office 365 for US Government allows its clients to make their own security policies. Now, its users can set rules about restricting email and access of applications to organization-managed devices. These features come as an addition to Microsoft’s default policy of “end-to-end encryption.”


To sum up, Office 365 US Government version is designed specifically to meet the exceptional needs faced by US Government organizations. Interested Government organizations may avail this special Office 365 suite. Government agencies of USA will surely get benefited from this personalized suite.

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