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Whatsapp for Small Businesses- WhatsApp Launches a New Secret Weapon

Bradley Cooper | Published: May 5, 2018 | Technology|

WhatsApp has become now the most popular instant messaging app for all smartphones across the world. e. It is the best platform by which users can share emails, images, videos and so one. Besides this, WhatsApp launches a separate app – Whatsapp for small business to connect with multiple customers and also convenient for a billion users to chat with them. Whatsapp for small businesses comes with some unique features such as dedicated business accounts for details like email address, business style, store addresses, and website; smart messaging devices, i.e., greetings, instant replies, and away emails; and business metrics for how many text messages were sent, delivered, or read. Here, in this blog, we will discuss a complete detail for the same.

Role of WhatsApp in Small Scale Business

For those who might use a business as well as personal number, both the WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger apps to be used on a similar device and registered with different numbers. Moreover, the WhatsApp Business supports WhatsApp Web, which is nearly identical to the desktop web browser client. All Business accounts will be shown more clearly. WhatsApp that says over time, some businesses will confirm their account phone number matches the business phone number and receives a confirmation symbol on their profile. That is very similar to WhatsApp adding green verification symbols to choose the business accounts in a standard app. WhatsApp says that someone can continue to use a standard app regularly and can have full control over the text messages they receive like you can block any number and reporting spam.

Advantages of Whatsapp for Small Business App

WhatsApp Business is the Android app which is totally free to download, and was established with a small business owner in mind. With this app, few businesses can easily interact with customers by using tools to computerize, sort, and quickly respond to each message. Over 80 percent of small businesses in India and Brazil recite WhatsApp helps them better communicate with customers and also help to grow their business quickly. Whatsapp for Small Business App makes it easy for users who want to connect , and vice versa, in an absolute way. Some of the benefits are stated below:

  • Business Profile

Create the business profile with useful information for your customers such as your current address, business description, email address, and website.

  • Organized Labels

Organize and manage your contacts or chats from the list of labels, so you will find them again.

  • Instant Replies

Instant response lets you save and reuse email messages that you frequently send thus you can easily answer simple questions without wasting time.

  • Automated Text Messages

Set up an automatic reply when you are not able to answer so your customers realize when to get a response. Also, you can generate a greeting message to introduce your all customers to the business.

  • Messaging App Statistics

Access the most important metrics, including how many messages are successfully sent, delivered, and read.

Final Words

Everyone knows the importance of WhatsApp and its popularity among all users. Most of the organizations are using it as a platform for cross-communication. Apart from this, WhatsApp has launched a standalone app separate from normal version of WhatsApp used by 1.5 billion people. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed the major role of Whatsapp for small businesses. Along with this, we have explained all the interesting features that are offered by Whatsapp for small business App.



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