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A Complete Guide to Mozilla Firefox Nightly & its Updates

Bradley Cooper | Published: March 27, 2018 | Technology|

What is Mozilla Firefox Nightly ?

For testing the new features, Mozilla publishes the test version of Firefox browser: Firefox Nightly. The experimental features such as implementations of targeted Web platform standards are available in it. This application is the latest testing version of Firefox. It means that Mozilla Firefox Nightly updates itself every day. It is an improved and refined edition of Firefox. It is important to know that this Mozilla Firefox 7.0 latest nightly versions is build up for testing purpose and it is not stable. Its interface is totally redesigned some designed cues of this version has taken from the Google Chrome such as rounded tabs instead of the traditional squared off corners and also Mozilla Firefox Nightly Portable.


The most noticeable thing about this version is its Mozilla Firefox Nightly Windows 8 Modern UI and homepage that includes freshly visited websites and bookmarks. Mozilla Firefox Nightly comprises an intuitive interface as a part of operating system.

Specification: Firefox Nightly 60.0a1 (64-bit)
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows 10, Linux
Version: 60.0a1
License: Open
Source Developer: Mozilla (Firefox Nightly)
Date Added: Jan 30, 2018

Why Use Mozilla Firefox Nightly?

Every user wants to use a best stable Mozilla Firefox 7.0 latest nightly version and nobody have enough time for the crappy browser experience. This time the Firefox Nightly comes with more stability than ever. The crash number has been reduced in it. This application search is integrated into Windows and users can instantly bring its search field via pressing Windows + F. It works for Google search results so; users can get instant suggestions for executing the search terms. The bookmarks will no longer be stored in its folders but in catalogs. No bookmark will go uncategorized in the Firefox Nightly.
In addition, it fixes most of the bugs instantly. To get the last update, users can navigate its Help >> About Firefox menu. Here are some reasons for what users should give Firefox Nightly a try:

  • Latest Mozilla Firefox features 18 weeks earlier
  • Much faster Mozilla Firefox
  • HTML, CSS, APIs, JavaScript, Developer tools
  • Reduced number of crashes for Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Firefox source code workable state
  • Validate the add-ons that are still working
  • Better developer experience to develop apps
  • A valuable contribution to Mozilla project without coding
  • Open Source browser with high security, which respects user privacy

Is Nightly faster than Firefox?

All latest features are now tested by add-ons using the Test Pilot instead of adding to Firefox. It means fewer bugs and only extraordinary features by default. Firefox nightly has 2X faster graphics than Mozilla Firefox. Its download feature is very much better than the download feature of Firefox. Because it updates almost daily and for one day it could work great, however, the next time after the Mozilla Firefox Nightly update it will represent itself with the latest release.
Now let us see its performance results:

  • Load time from the cold start: 4.5 seconds
  • Kraken benchmark results: 5844.7 msec
  • Time is taken to open 5.8 sec
  • Memory usage to open blank tab: 48MB
  • Memory usage with a single tab open on 96MB

How does Firefox Nightly update?

Firefox Nightly gets an update two times a day (or night, depends on user’s timezone). Its building begins at 10:00 and 22:00 UTC, normally the new builds are available after one or two hours. All the updates are downloaded in the background and after downloading a small green badge appears on the hamburger menu that indicates that Nightly is updated. If the user does not apply this update within 12 hours, a popup displays that ask to do so.


Overall, Mozilla Firefox Nightly Portable is a solid build version with many great and user-friendly features. After excluding its bugs it will be a great software namely Mozilla Firefox Nightly Windows 8. This is one of the best Mozilla Firefox 7.0 latest nightly versions for getting quick browsing results. One can install its desktop as well as Android Firefox version. However, in case of crashes, all the bug reports will automatically send to its developers to resolve them and users are not required to do anything.

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