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Mimecast to Outlook PST Converter for Mimecast Exported Archive

Editor | September 6th, 2017 | How To|
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Disclaimer: The entire write-up will help the users with the wide domains regarding the Mimecast to PST migration. The content solely declares that the best possible knowledge is imbibed in the article and it helps users with reliable solutions and urge of Mimecast to PST Conversion.

Before reading the article, the very first thing that strike in user’s mind is what is Mimecast ?

So, let’s resolve the customers query first because our prime motto is to customers satisfaction.

Technical Minutiae: Mimecast

Mimecast came into existence in 2003 and the brilliant minds that incarnated it are Peter Bauer and Neil Murray.

This Mimecast service is used massively by the global users and it works on massively-parallel grid infrastructure for the mails storage and processing. The key factors that this service offers are:

  1. Email Security: It refers to all the collective measures taken in securing the access and matter of email account and its services.
  2. Email Archiving:  It is the process of shifting data that is no longer used to and needs to be stored separately by the storage devices for long term retention.

Note: MimeCast stores the archived emails in EML file extension.

If we have a look at the other side of the coin i.e., PST

The answer is totally simple i.e., PST files is the proprietary file of MS Outlook that stores all the messages and other data items like address books, calendars, contacts, journals, and so-on. It is widely used by all types of users like home based and small end businesses. It uses ISP to connect to the web.

Before even moving a step forward, let’s understand a simple issue faced by an end-user.

“I am working for a forensic company and the parent department is email archiving. As there is some problem inside the organization related to data theft. So, being on higher technical position I need to figure out who is behind it. I kept track on all the employees’ mails and found something fishy in few emails. Now, the main matter of concern is how to make these mails in a readable form. Is there any way out? Please suggest! All leads shall be appreciated. Thanks in Advance ! ”

Urge to Convert Mimecast to PST

From the above written query, it is quite clear that the user has successfully taken archives of mails through Mimecast. Now, his main concern is how to make it in accessible form. So, let’s go through the below section and properly understand the necessity.

  1. MS Outlook has an amazing GUI and provides the users with advance mailing option making it easier to handle
  2. The PST files are accessible on all the versions of MS Outlook making it easier to read/write
  3. If the data is exported from EML format to PST and it faces corruption, it is easier to repair the Outlook PST files via scanpst.exe or any other program

Specifications of Mimecast to PST Converter:

Nowadays, the customers are very sharp witted and curious to understand the phenomenon beyond any software. We consider customers as integral part of the organization and keep transparent everything with them. So, we have listed below the specifications of the product to make users understand it easily.

  • Processor Needed: 1 GHz Processor but 2.4 GHz also works.
  • Windows Supported: Compatible in all Windows Auspicious
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 50MB of the storage space is required
  • Required RAM: 1 GB is perfect, but 512 MB also works

Mesmerizing Factor:  Mimecast to PST Converter program is a stand-alone utility because it supports export without using any email client.

Let’s have a look at what MimeCast to PST Converter program facilitates the users with:

  1. Displays mails in multiple file formats along with all the attachments
  2. Maintains the internal Folder structure while migrating Mimecast to PST
  3. Provides flexible interface for auto loading the Mimecast emails archives
  4. Option for selective folders/files to Export Mimecast to PST is available
  5. To import Mimecast to PST, Microsoft Outlook installation is not required

Availability of Mimecast Converter Tool:

The Mimecast to PST Converter program is available in two broad categories like: Demo and Licensed versions. Though, trying a free edition of a tool seems to be easy but it has certain limitation that it cannot export more than 10 mails.

If we take the case of Paid Version, its best part is that it is not bounded to any limitation and exports numerous files in a single go.

The Final Verdict

The article has been written to make the users aware of the Email Archive service i.e., Mimecast. The content carries a primary aim to make users technically aware regarding the primary functionalities that MimeCast to PST Converter software offers. So, the users should remain attached to the entire matter and get the program from our website.


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