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How Long Until Microsoft Support for Skype 7-Classic?

Bradley Cooper | Published: October 5, 2018 | Technology|

Attention “Skype 7.0 — Classic” Customers – Microsoft support for Skype 7 ends November 1, 2018.

Microsoft is Phasing Out “Classic” Skype

If you are using ‘Old Skype’ or ‘Skype Classic’, November, 2018 marks an important milestone.
From next month, the Microsoft will cease to operate forum support for Skype 7.0. To continue receiving monthly security and quality updates, you are required to install the newer Skype updates. The company is going to kill the support on the desktop version of Skype 7.0, on November 1, while the tablet and mobile versions will be cut off two weeks later on November 15th.

However, the company would allow users to use the Skype Classic while giving them enough time to switch to newer Skype updates.

Everyone’s Encouraged to Force Upgrade Skype 7-Classic

Last year Microsoft redesigned Skype’s user-interface for both desktop and mobile, simplified its video chatting, voice calling, and messaging features. For private conversations on the Skype, a video-and-voice app also rolled out along with end-to-end encryption. With all this, it was apparent that Microsoft wanted to attract more millennials via a modern outlook. This redesigns entirely changed the messaging interface and these modifications enraged the actual Skype users who were perhaps much older, professionals and business-oriented that fundamentally constitute the majority of the application’s user base.

Hence, in July 2018, the company launched Skype 8.0 and declared that it will officially end the support for Skype classic (Skype 7) on November 1 and reiterated that the users should soon upgrade to newer Skype 8. Microsoft also claims that updating from version 7 to 8 will allow it to merge the experience of utilizing Skype across all mobile and desktop platforms. This is so because the newer version has better features based on users feedback.

So, What’s the Actual Update?

“We are going to end of support for Skype version 7.0 on 1st November 2018 on desktops and 15th November 2018 on tablet and mobile devices. We are continuously working on your most demanded features and improving Skype version 8. Lately, we added the ability to search inside a conversation/ chat and launched call recording. Soon you will be capable to add the phone numbers to already existing contacts. Now, you will have more control over the availability, status, and much more.” ANNOUNCED BY MICROSOFT

Now, it seems like Microsoft is finally prepared to say goodbye to ‘Old Skype’, regardless of whether it implies forcing a bit of unwanted modification on its user base. It is not defined that how long Skype Classic will continue working after the company stops supporting it. According to the editor’s note on the blog post states that Skype Version 7 will be usable for just “a little while.” Yet, it seems like Microsoft has made enough modifications that it will not be a challenging transition.

Skype September 27, 2018 Update: The New Features That Matter Most

Since so long, Microsoft has been worked on the mobile and desktop version of Skype and after so many tweaks the company becomes successful to get a right balance.

Moreover, the company tweeted the Skype 8 version once again, with redesigning its old look back. This was intended for satisfying the existing Skype users instead of inviting the new ones.

Skype version 8.0 on Windows 7/ 8 that does not support UWP, is just the latest version of Skype. The Skype 8.0 includes many, but not all, of the features, which are in Skype 7.0. The most notable feature is that Skype 8.0 does not permit users to access the individual conversations in isolated windows. This newer version will offer free HD video with screen sharing calls, and the ability to share images, videos and other data files (up to 300 MB at once), @mentions. Now, it will become easier to access the files, links and images shared in Skype conversations.

A “read receipts” feature for Skype chat is on the plan, as is call recording along with auto participant alert, group links and much more.

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