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Microsoft Office Redesigned for Simpler Look for Web & Desktop Version

Bradley Cooper | Published: June 15, 2018 | Technology|

In the modern era of technology, the ways to accomplish a given task are changing. Nowadays, work is more collaborative and it has picked up a pace. People continue to use Microsoft Office for their important work because the application offers a power to its users. The list of unique features if offers are unmatched in the business sector and facilitate the users to perform a wide variety of operations. But, no application is totally devoid of issues. The users complained that Office needs to habituate to the changing environment and simplify the user experience. Then, the power can be availed much easily. After considering all these complains, Microsoft announced that the updates of user experience in Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook will be launched after a few months with new Microsoft Office Redesign. These modifications are encouraged by a brand new culture of work, which is created to produce a balance between simplicity and power.
There are around a billion users of Microsoft Office, so it is very necessary that all the modifications are done in a proper manner.



Specials of the New Microsoft Office Redesign


There are 3C, which acts as a guiding principle while designing the new version. These fundamentals will make the process entirely different as compared to the previous applications. These are explained below:

Customers: Microsoft has used a customer-driven inventive process to redesign the Office applications. The overall procedure consists of 3 different phases:

  • Preliminary customer research and examination
  • Creating the concept and designing it
  • Verification and filtering

Context: Users like the list of features that Office has provided. But, all the features at the same time are undesirable. The new version takes care of it that only those options are shown which are related to the current activity going on. This means users have to focus only on the job that they are doing. This makes it easy to collaborate and connect with each other.

Control: Microsoft found that the established routines and skills are dynamic- and it depends upon the specific parts of the application that how someone uses them. So, Microsoft enables its users with the control, granting them the permission to switch from one effect to another.

Changes Made in the New Microsoft Office Redesigned Version


There are 3 initial modifications done in the version to be launched. These are explained as follows:

Simplified Ribbon: A brand new edition of the ribbon is manufactured to help the users to focus on their work and connect with each other in the simplest way. The users who choose to give a more screen space in the command will be able to expand the ribbon to the 3 line view.
The first application which gets to be equipped with the new version of Office is the web version of Word and will come to selected users on Select insiders can see the simplified ribbon in Microsoft Outlook in July.



New Colors and Icons: In the newer version of Office, the new icons and graphics will be built as scalable graphics. This change was induced to create a pleasant user experience and make the application more feasible. The feature was introduced first in the web version of Word for

Search: Search is a very important element of the customer’s experience. It provides access to commands, people, and content. A feature of “zero query search”, simply places the cursor in the search dialogue box. It is responsible to bring up the recommendations driven by Al and the Microsoft Graph.



Time to Wrap Up

With the upcoming of new technology, there are different ways proposed to complete a given task. As a result of this inspiration, the update of Microsoft Office with new Microsoft Office Redesign is coming over to simplify the user experience and interface of the application.



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