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Microsoft Ignite Office 365: All Facts About Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

Bradley Cooper | February 5th, 2018 | Data Recovery, Technology|

There are lots of sessions and events that are organized by any given company to fully inform its users. It is a kind of interactions where speakers talk about a new technology that they have launched. They discuss the benefits, instruction on using and present a live demo of the product. It helps companies inform customers about the features and functionality of their creation. One of the most attended seminars are the ones organized at Microsoft Ignite Office 365. It holds multiple sessions, hands-on labs and interactive panels. It is a week-long event and is expected to have a large audience of over 26,000 people. It will be quite a gathering and an overwhelming experience. Continue reading to find out more.


More About the Microsoft Ignite Office 365

The primary agenda of these sessions is to focus on data preservation and management. It is a cornerstone for building any security policy. It is the one thing that is lacking in the new Office 365 cloud service. It is a misconception that O365 data is secure. There are lots of bugs that are reported daily by users and remain unresolved. This is because the technology is new and a lot is not known about it. The major concern of any organization is to find best solutions to backup Office 365 data, protect and preserve company data. The Office 365 Ignite Summit is held just to bridge this gap between support staff and the brand. It helps all customers to learn about the latest that Microsoft has to offer. It helps that gather intellect on how to implement these features on their side. They can use this knowledge to educate and train their own admin team or personal manual settings change.


Microsoft Office 365 Ignite Summit

Here is an overview of the last year sessions at Microsoft Ignite Office 365 that were quite informative. It will give an idea of what to look forward to next year:

  • Office 365 Security and Compliance Overview
    Alym Rayami, one of the directors at Microsoft company introduced users on how to secure their user’s data. This session provided insight on new features and those that are up and coming.
  • Protect Sensitive Information with Office 365 Data Loss Prevention
    Mas Libman, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft talked about this feature in detail. It is used to detect, protect, and monitor sensitive information of the organization. It can be useful in the sensitive content detection, policy-based access restrictions and creating an integrated end-user experience.
  • Stopping Malicious Users and Shadow IT with Office 365 Advanced Security Management
    Sumit Malhotra explained the O0365 Advanced Security Management (ASM) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It was helpful to all IT administrators and data centre teams that work on this aspect of technology.

The physical security remains the responsibility of the Microsoft company. It is up to them to secure their servers and prevent possible hacks. But to secure each user mailbox remains the responsibility of the organization itself . Thereby you can opt for  Backup solutions by SysTools for end-users and administrators alike for data loss prevention in Advance.


There are great and amazing events that are organized by the leading brand for promotion and customer interaction. It is a one way to have people hear about the new technology or product that they have launched. Some of them are just to make people aware of all the features that were already in place. It can help them understand and implement it in their own company. There is a lot to be learned in the Microsoft Ignite Office 365. It is very informative and suggests great new ways to protect confidential data. It is held at multiple locations in the United States of America. This Office 365 Ignite can be attended by any IT professional, developer, coder, experts, vendors and end-users.

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