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Mailbird vs Outlook : Compare & Contrast Which One is Better ?

Bradley Cooper | Modified: September 27th, 2018 | Difference, Tips|


Mailbird is a desktop-based email client for Windows 7, 8 and 10 which is motivated by Sparrow email client for OS X. It has grown and matured over the last few years in comparison with other email clients. It is designed with a simple interface with fast speed, which offers a reliable and efficient platform for email productivity. While comparing Mailbird vs Outlook, it is also a desktop-based email client which is widely used for both professional and personal usage. It is generally used as a stand-alone application which can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and MS SharePoint Server within multiple users in an organization. Both Mailbird and Outlook has its own advanced features with makes a difference. Most of the users find the best email client by understanding the features and specifications which is different for every email client. Considering this point, this blog will help to know about the various Mailbird vs Outlook 2016, 2013 comparison features and functionality of Mailbird and MS Outlook email application & help you decide which one to choose: Mailbird or Outlook!



Compare & Contrast Mailbird vs Outlook : Choose amongst the Best!

Outlook Features and Functionality


  • Rapid Email Processing

MS Outlook is designed in such a way that it allows to send/receive the emails quickly. It is also capable to read the emails without been connected to the internet. With this feature, MS Outlook provides fast and effective email communication.

  • Email Attachment Reminder

It is an another added feature of MS Outlook which reminds the users to add or insert the attachment to an email message. It is extremely useful for those users who tend to forget sending the emails with required attachments.

  • Email Tracking

There is a common need among the users to know that how many users have read the messages sent by them. Knowing this, Outlook has developed this feature and is capable enough to track the status of the sent email messages.

  • Alters Contacts

Microsoft Outlook stores all its contacts in the Address book which allows to manage contacts in a seamless way. It helps to alter the saved contacts by editing or changing the contacts information in just a few clicks.

  • Customized Calendars

Calendars are mostly used to manage appointments, meetings or events. Outlook provides a customized interface to modify and alter the calendar to add appointments, view scheduled, etc. It also enables to preview current activities and updates the status after the task is completed.

Mailbird Features and Functionality


  • Simple Interface

When comparing Mailbird vs Outlook 2016, Mailbird provides an easy-to-use interface which can be configured as per the requirement of the user. A user is allowed to customize the appearance, font composing, accounts, identities and organize folders

  • Integrates Apps

Apart from providing a customized interface, it also offers various integrations which allow a faster access to data. These integrations include apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Twitter, Contacts, Google Calendar, etc.

  • Faultless Processing 

Crashing of email client is a common problem. But, most of the users have never experienced a crashing with Mailbird. It provides a flawless working, despite of the number of apps which has been integrated.

  • Snoozes Emails

It allows to organize the emails, tasks, etc and ensures that no emails are missed. In case of checking emails at any time, a user can schedule an alert or snooze it and later reminds at the specified time.

Mailbird vs Outlook 2016 Comparison of Specifications



Features Mailbird Outlook
IMAP Yes Yes
POP3 Yes Yes
Exchange Support Yes Yes
Multi-Account Yes Yes
Platforms Windows MacOS, Windows, Android
Snooze Emails Yes Yes
Search Yes Yes
Threaded Yes Yes
Unified Inbox Yes Yes
Free Yes No

Mailbird Pros and Cons



  • Provides a simplified UI which can also be customized. The User experience is also simple and easy-to-use
  • Both free and paid versions are available. Free versions are helpful for users who need to use the basic app features, though the limit is only for single account
  • Support touchscreen which ensures an easy control over the device such as tablets or any Windows device
  • Allows a quick preview of attachments of the emails instead of downloading to open the file
  • Provides unlimited email account which can be managed in a Mailbird application
  • Provides Import feature to easily import the emails from the default email client to Mailbird


  • When comparing Mailbird vs Outlook 2016, it does not have a spam filter to prevent spam emails to enter the Inbox folder
  • Not capable to transfer emails between the accounts as it can lead to data loss

Outlook Pros and Cons



  • Emails can be filtered based on the priority of incoming emails which is set by the user using the “Clutter” feature.
  • Allows an automatic search using “Smart lookup” feature by Bing search engine without using an external browser
  • The built-in calendar provides a preplanned approach to manage activities which includes agenda, day and three-day views
  • Allows to attach email attachments directly from cloud services without downloading the entire file
  • Integrates a rapid conversion of received emails to a task within the given deadline


  • There is no portable bundle available for Outlook
  • Does not support any email aliases other than Outlook aliases
  • Frequent email crashing when the Mail folder size gets increased

Always Go with the Better One!


By reading this blog, one can easily understand the difference between Mailbird vs Outlook email application. Both the email application has its own unique functionalities in terms of user interface and data security which is mentioned in this blog in an understandable way. It is totally on you which one you want to go with Mailbird or Outlook!

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