How to Run SQL Script File in SQL Server Database Easily?

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Published On June 6th, 2024
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How to Run SQL Script File in SQL Server

SQL Server is indeed one of the finest RDBMS till today. It’s the foundation of many database languages. However, users still face several issues when they want to learn how to run SQL script file in SQL Server database. This is due to unawareness of the same. Although the solution is quite simple, new users that are not proficient in SQL technicalities may find it difficult to get results manually.

Therefore, in this guide, we have major solutions for both new users & experienced users. Before we jump directly into the solution, let’s understand all the methods first.

Execute SQL Script File in SQL Server with These Three Methods

Traditional Manual Solutions

Here, we are going to learn the two manual methods first. The first one is to know how to run .sql file in CMD line. The second one is of query analyzer. Both the manual methods work well but possess several limitations that we will discuss later.

The Automated Solution for Best Results

The modern solution executes SQL database recovery process effectively using an automated software. It works to run the script file from SQL server 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005, & 2000 versions and to meet the user’s need to export and save recovered MDF/NDF files. In a nutshell, it’s a faster & safer solution.

Let’s proceed & begin with the manual solutions first.

How to Run SQL Script from the Command Line Method?

Once SQL server-compatible SQL scripts are created and saved in any of the system locations, the user can export the database to the server when it is needed. Follow the steps given below to know how to run .sql file in CMD without errors.

To export database first carry the exported script files in the machine where you have to run the script, then follow the steps:

Step-1. Open the Command Prompt first to start learning how to run SQL script command line.

Step-2. Run Command cd\ on command prompt

Step-3. Copy DATABASENAME.bat file folder path

Step-4. Type the following command on CMD prompt and Hit Enter key.

cd “Folder path location”

Step-5. If you type databasename.bat file only you will get the help info like this:


Syntax: <batch file path> [<user name> <password>] <server name> <database name>


  • batch file path    : path of batch file which will run the exported SQL scripts
  • user name password : user name and password for SQL Server(for SQL Server Authentication)
  • server name        : instance of SQL Server to which to connect
  • database name      : name of database to which data will be exported

Step-6. Create New Databases into SQL server

Step-7. Type following command on command prompt

<batch file path> [<user name> <password>] <server name> <database name> 

[ ..optional field...] username and password are optional

<batch file path> <server name> <database name> -------> sufficenthit enter ex. 

travel.bat pcvita137\SQL2000 export_demo.....hit enter

This way user can export the .sql File Script In SQL Server.

How to Run SQL Script File in SQL Server Using Query Analyzer?

Users can use the Query Analyzer tool to get their desired results. Just follow the below steps as mentioned carefully without any issues.

Step-1. Open MS SQL Server & Go to the Query Analyzer option.

Step-2. Connect to your SQL Database Instance now.

Step-3. Enter Server Details with the SQL Server Authentication option.

Step-4. Hit the Ok button to complete the connection.

Step-5. Go to File >> Open to Open your script file.

Step-6. Press the F5 key once the file opens to run the query.

Drawbacks of the Manual Solutions

There are several limitations present in the manual solution that users must be aware of.  We are listing the major ones below:

Time-Consuming & Complex: Being the manual solution, these solutions are slow. Also, these are not meant for heavy tasks. Therefore, if users are trying to execute SQL script file in SQL Server this way, it will be time-consuming as well as complex.

Data Integrity Issues: There are several cases where the users experienced data loss & even corruption in the files. Hence, from the data integrity point of view, these solutions aren’t the most reliable ones.

Lack of Features: These traditional solutions are not loaded with features. As technology keeps on changing, if there were some advanced features, users can get their results in a better way along with enhancing their overall experience.

No Surity of Success: Even after handling all the issues, there is no surety that the user will get the exact results as expected. Even a single mistake can spoil the entire operation & may end up with a mess.

How to Run SQL Sscript File in SQL Server Automatically?

There can be several reasons that cause barriers for users to run the SQL file in the database. One such issue is the corruption in data files. Therefore the SQL Recovery Tool is capable of recovering the files & then creating the script file or directly exporting them to the SQL Server. It is possible to repair and recover MDF/NDF (primary and secondary database) files using advanced features here.

Once the recovery process is done, the user can export a healthy SQL database to SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts. To run SQL file script In SQL server user can follow the steps given. Tool successfully works with SQL Server 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005, 2000 Database files.

Step-1. Launch the Automated Software to begin.

automated software

Step-2. Add Files using the Open button at the top.

add files option

Step-3. Select the Quick or Advanced Scan option.

quick or advanced scan

Step-4. Enter the Destination as a script file or SQL Database.

enter destination

Step-5. Click on the Save button to get the exact results as expected.

click on save


Finally after discussing all the solutions, we are at the end of this article. Now we know how to run SQL script file in SQL Server without any errors. All the methods are reliable but the limitations of manual solutions make them unfavorable.

Therefore, users can learn how to run .sql file in CMD or in Query Analyzer tool but the automated solution is till the first preference of SQL experts. The best thing about the automated tool is that it offers a free demo version to test out its potential. In a nutshell, we can say that learning how to run SQL script command line isn’t tough if users are aware of the technical aspects.


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