How to Filter All Emails From Domain in Gmail?

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Published On June 5th, 2024
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Filters are an excellent method to automate your email workflow and save time. Do you have filters for your customers set up on Gmail? Let’s say you get an email from [email protected] asking to place a new order, you can use filters to assign a label to her emails, but what if Karen is sick and Mike fills in? Your filter will not operate if Mike uses the mike@ email address. Although, it would be fantastic to filter all emails from @imaginerycompany or Filter All Emails From Domain in Gmail. Well, this is extremely simple.

What is a Gmail Filter?

A Gmail filter can help you automate the way you handle emails. It organizes your inbox by automatically categorizing, labeling, and even deleting incoming emails based on the parameters you choose. Moreover, by implementing filters, you can ensure that critical emails are correctly organized and easily accessible, while undesired or spam emails are removed.

Organize your Inbox Using Gmail Filters

Gmail filters are a game changer for efficient inbox management. Although, Filters enable you to automatically categorize emails on based on a range of criteria, such as the sender, subject line, keywords, and even the presence of attachments. Additionally, this helps you to prioritize the key emails and it ensures that you do not miss any important information. 

How to Filter All Emails From Domain in Gmail: Step-by-Step Guide

Filter All Emails From Domain in Gmail can help you organize the mail and make sure that important messages are not missed. Moreover, take these steps to create a filter for all emails from a specific domain:

Step 1:  Open Gmail and Log into your Account

Step 2: Go to settings and select See all Settings for access filters

Step 3: Select Filters and Blocked Addresses, Click on Create a new filter 

Step 4: To filter emails from a specific domain, enter in the From section.Then, select Create filter with this search button.

Step 5: You will see a list of measures to take for emails that suit your criteria. For example, archive it, star it, mark as it, apply the label, forward it to, delete it, and never send it to spam..

Step 6: Select the actions you want to take with these emails. Common activities include:

Choose the actions that best meet your needs.

Step 7: check the box next to Also apply filter to matching conversations and Click on Create filter to finalize the setup.

Step 8: You can always return to Filters and Blocked Addresses in Settings to change or remove filters as needed.

How to Download Filter All Emails From Domain in Gmail?

  1. Open Gmail and log in using your credentials.
  2. To filter emails from the specified domain, type into the search field and click Enter.
  3. Check the filtered emails to ensure they all come from the intended domain.
  4. At the upper left of the email list, select all by clicking the checkbox.
  5. Select all chats that match this search, then Click the Label icon to create a new label or use an existing one.
  6. Click Apply to label the emails.
  7. Open a new tab and navigate to Google Takeout.
  8. Click Deselect all to remove all selections.
  9. Scroll to Mail and select the checkbox next to it.
  10. Click All Mail Data Included.
  11. In the pop-up window, click Select Labels and Choose the label you made and click OK.
  12. Scroll down and select Next Step.
  13. Select the delivery mechanism for the export, then Choose the export frequency
  14. Select the file type and size for your export, Click Create Export to begin the export process.

To Download Specifically in Gmail Filter All Emails from Domain

If you want to  Download Specifically Filtered Emails From a Domain in Gmail. Since, you can use SysTools Gmail Backup tools. This automated tool provides a very accurate output without deleting a single information.

 Below steps help you to downl?oad Emails from a Domain by Specifically:

Step 1: Open the Automated tool, Enter your Credentials

Step 2: Select the Email format that you want and then select Naming Convention

Step 3: Select Email in the category section and select filter to choose specific folder 

Step 4:  You can also select the Destination, then Click to Start


Using Gmail filters to organize your emails and download specific ones from a domain can significantly enhance your email management efficiency. Moreover, with these tools and steps, you can ensure important emails are easily accessible, well-organized, and backed up securely. Simplify your inbox and stay on top of essential communications effortlessly. 


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