How to Access Password Protected PST & Extract Data from it?

Written By Chirag Arora  
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 15th, 2022
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How to Access Password Protected PST

If you are looking for a solution on how to access password-protected PST files, then it time to rejoice. Here in this blog, we are going Access Password Protected PST to discuss the perfect solution to open password protected PST file.

Privacy is really helpful for every email account, whether at a personal or professional level. You never know how the information from an email account will be misused. Thus, it is highly advisable to protect your mail account and data files as well. If you are using MS Outlook, you can set a password for Outlook PST file to protect data from an unauthorized user.

After adding a password to PST file, the contents of a PST file can only be accessed by the user who knows the correct password. Now, in the upcoming section, we will discuss a complete solution to let users understand how to access password protected PST and extract data from it. Before that, let us know what happens if you forgot PST file password.

What to do if You Forgot Password of PST File?

Sometimes you set a password to protect your PST file but a critical scenario comes up when you forget that password. Since, there is no option in MS Outlook to retrieve forgotten password, so now the password which you have assigned to secure the PST files impeding you in accessing Outlook PST file. Forgetting the Password of PST file leads to errors and does not allow the user to extract data from locked PST file. Following window appears on your screen when you try to access password protected PST file.


How to Access Password Protected PST File Manually?

There are two manual approaches that will help to extract data from the locked Outlook PST file. As everyone knows, ANSI PST file which is supported by Outlook 2003 or below versions. Similarly, UNICODE PST file which is supported by Outlook 2007 or later version. Here, we will suggest two methods to access password protected PST file. Please have a look:

  • For Outlook 2003 or below versions: PST19upg.exe is a free utility developed by Microsoft to unlock password protected Outlook data file by upgrading PST with a new version. With this utility, you can extract data from ANSI password protected PST. In this way, you can reset PST Password from Protected file with pst19upg.exe tool.

    • For Outlook 2007 or above versions: You can remove password from PST file with this manual approach. Make sure you must know the password to set a new password from Outlook data file.

      a) Run MS Outlook and select Tools>> Account settings>> Account Settings
      Select tools and click account Settings
      b) Under Data Files, click Settings and choose PST file from which you wish to remove password. Click the Settings option
      click Settings button
      c) A new screen will prompt, then navigate to change password option
      Go to Change Password option
      d) In the next screen, you can apply old and new password thus, you can remove password from Outlook PST file. Click OK button
      click OK button

      However, there are some drawbacks associated with the above methods. If users need to recover password protected PST file then it will be very time-consuming and tough task. Therefore, for quick password recovery of PST file the user must rely on a third-party tool.

      Professional Way – How to Access Password Protected PST File?

      The users can opt for an alternate solution that is PST Password Remover to recover password of multiple Outlook PST files instantly. With this utility, users can unlock Outlook .pst file password without installation of Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, the software supports Windows 10 and below versions to retrieve .pst file password. You can perform below mentioned steps to extract data from password protected PST files:

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      • Open & install the Software
      • Either you can Click Add File option to add PST file or you can click Add Folder option to add folder of many PST files. You can extract data from locked PST file data using Remove File and Remove All options individually.


      • Select Remove Password option. It is advisable to take a backup of .pst file before proceeding.


      • The window screen will display the Password has been eliminated and now, you are capable to access password protected PST data file.


      • At last, you can successfully open the PST file in Microsoft Outlook.


      Wrapping Up

      Nowadays, forgetting a password of PST file is the most common problem. Sometimes, people try to access PST file but they do not remember the password anymore. If still facing this problem thus, in this blog, we have suggested two ways to let users understand how to access password protected PST and extract data from it. Else, you can take the help of a reliable third-party tool named as PST Password Recovery to remove forgotten password from Outlook PST file.