Know How Ransomware looks like Halloween in 2017

Written By Chirag Arora  
Anuraag Singh
Approved By Anuraag Singh 
Published On November 2nd, 2022
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Halloween is the main time, when we all enjoy celebrating what scares us such as ghosts, ghouls, goblins, etc. For all the adults, this holiday becomes more relaxed with every passing year because of the understanding that all such monsters are imaginary. Yet, there exist some real monsters who know how to play with the user’s fears, i.e. Hackers.

Granted, it is extremely improbable that a child will come at your doorstep this Halloween dressed as a Hacker. Nevertheless, all digital doors of your business- your website and network are likely to be visited on Halloween on every following day. While out of which, several of threats are not that scary and are effortlessly thwarted by the Data Security solutions. If such a hacker effectively breaches all your security system then, that is the beginning of a nightmare of cyber extortion.

Cyber extortion comes in several forms, and it can be active when properly executed. The hackers behind the cyber extortion mainly wish by using fear to provoke unreasonable action from victims, even if it means using the frightful tactics such as blackmail and deception.

Countless of these approaches work likewise to Ransomware. As it will encrypt all the files saved on the victim’s system and they will only give a decryption key if victim pays a bitcoins in return. The idea here is to use the fear to get all the users to hand over their money in return for their valuable data. This can be mainly devastating for the businesses, as it means they might lose access to all of the mission-critical data.

In popular Ransomware cases, if an organization has not their Data Backed up then, they are out of luck and will not be able to regain their data without paying the bitcoins. Now that is scary!
Even the scariest twist on an already sick fraud, there are hackers who will take all your crucial information from the businesses or individuals. Then, proposal demand; either pay up, or sensitive data gets viral to the Internet. This may be the worst outcome because it permits other, more dangerous hackers to utilize all the data and use it for the nefarious purposes.
The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center gets the major number of reports representing that user who had data stolen via a high-profile data gaps received extortion emails demanding that they need to give specific bitcoins or suffer the significances. This data might be anything from personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers to financial information- credit card numbers. In some cases, hackers claim to have all the crucial information, which could cause disastrous damage to the victims’ personal lives.

Although, we should point out that there is nearly no way of assuring that all these hackers actually have the data that they claim to have. They could be blowing hot air and fishing for a reply, hoping that you will be gullible enough to give in to their unusual requests. However, for this same reason, it is important that you do not immediately pay the Ransom. What is the guarantee that they will give you the decryption key?

You should never get into fear and pay the Bitcoins offered by hackers. Doing so does not essentially save your information from being posted on the Internet. All it does is to give all your data to other hacker’s demands by giving them with exactly what they need. Why should you give them this happiness, especially after a big scare they have given you?
Instead, to keep all your data secure. For this, it is suggested to take the regular backup of your data. For this, you can use SysTools ToolKit to keep yourself safe and secure in this digital world. Therefore, this Halloween, be safe and make sure to celebrate what looks scary instead of finding yourself in the state that is actually scary such as being blackmailed by the hacker.