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Google is Officially Disconnecting Photos From Drive After 10 July

Bradley Cooper | Modified: 2019-06-27T07:41:13+00:00 | News|
google photos and drive will stop syncing

Google is going to disconnect Drive from Photos! Yes, you heard it right. Recently, Google announced that after July 10, 2019, the users will have to keep images in sync between Google Drive and Photos on their own. So soon you will find, Google Photos will not be syncing with Google Drive.

Most of the users store their documents, files, photos in Google Drive due to security and privacy concerns. For all such users there is an important note: From July 10, Google will decouple Google Photos from Drive. There will be no automatic synchronization between the two storage services i.e. services will not keep each other’s pictures in sync automatically. In simple words, all the alterations made to a photo present at one spot will not automatically be reflected at the other spot .


google photos not syncing with google drive


Google will decouple Google Photos from Drive – Why?

This change is going to bring inconvenience to most of the Users. As there are many of them who access their memories via Google drive. In fact, many users prefer Google Photo Apps for viewing images and video content. This latest update will definitely affect all the end user including G Suite users.

Then why Google will decouple Google Photos from Drive ! Actually, this change will let users select where and how to store photos and videos. Earlier, as the photos were synched across both the services so if it had been deleted at one place that further couldn’t be found at another. In order to avoid such situations, this decision has been taken. After its implementation, users won’t be affected even after accidental deletion of photos or videos from one service. So, one may say this change will provide simplicity to the user’s overall experiences related to both of the services.

This is What Google Said

This new decision has been taken to eradicate confusion, caused by adding automatic sync between Google Photos and Drive. As per Google,”Our aim to implement such changes is to simplify some features that confuse our users, based on feedback and our research.

However, if the user is having a habit of finding all the photos in Google Photos and Google Drive, then he/she has to decide how to manage photos before Google turns off synchronization between both the storage services.

You Must Be Thinking of Backup and Sync Apps!

The new update would not affect the existing photos and videos as they will be available on both Google Drive and Photos. In contrast, all the new photos and videos that the user will upload on Google Drive or store in Photos would not be available across both products.

Now, if the user is thinking to make use of the Backup and Sync Apps on Windows /Mac OS, then he/she can still backup photos from computer, SD card, camera to Google Drive and Photos. However, the App will upload a copy to each place. Know more about Google Drive sync folder issues here.

Now, The Question Crops Up!

A Simple Way To Sync Photos From Google Drive to Google Photos?

If the user needs to migrate photos and videos from Drive over to Photos, then to make it hassle-free for the users Google will also release a transfer tool ‘Share With Me’ in July. With this tool, the users will be able to copy files from Drive to Photos.

Google’s new utility will not synchronize these duplicate files. So, the changes made by the user in one spot would not ripple through to the other spot.

Do Remember

If the user saves the photos using the Original full-resolution setting, then those duplicate files will count twice toward the user’s Drive storage cap, instead of once.

Here Comes!

How to Sync Photo With Google Photos?

As Google decides not to sync Google photos with Google drive, but you sync it manually. To synchronize photos with Google Photos, one has to check that Google Photos Apps is syncing with the Google Photos library on Google’s servers. To verify it:

  • Tap the Hamburger Menu in the Photos App
  • Next, tap Settings > Backup & Sync
  • Now, ensure that you have toggled on Backup & Sync
  • Also, make sure that you are backing up the correct account

Final Words

The latest update will help to make Google Photos a better and wise choice to store photos and videos forever. The user will have the facility to manually copy or move the content between Google Photos and Drive. Moreover, it will save the vital memories from getting deleted either from Drive or Google Photos. Additionally, it will also disallow, the user to put all the photos and videos stored in the Photo Apps to the user’s PC by simply syncing the user’s Drive folder. Still people thinks, as Google will decouple Google Photos from Drive so, this eradication of the synchronization between Google Photos and Drive will make it difficult for the users to keep Google Photos in the Drive.

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