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Google Launches Currents For G Suite: Check Out Here!

Neylan Jazz | Published: 2019-05-14T08:16:18+00:00 | Technology|

Here comes a piece of good news for all G Suite users, Google has announced the launch of Currents. Don’t get confused with Electric Current!

Currents for G Suite enables people to have meaningful and vital discussions and interactions across the organization. This will give leaders the opportunity or a platform to connect with their employees and also help them to keep everyone in the known. After shutting down Google +, Google announced the launch of G Suite currents.

Google currents App is replacing Google+ for G Suite by launching first to beta app program. It has a new look and feel to make it more user-friendly and is embedded with the set of top-notch features. If you are tensed about all the organization’s content associated with Google+ then do not worry, the content will be automatically transferred to Currents. The user just needs to enroll in the beta.

Want to Know More About Currents for G Suite – Dig In Here!

  • Currents is a place or platform to exchange ideas via having discussions across an organization. Moreover, one can get feedback and input from the employees using the Currents without flooding inboxes.
  • The user can easily create content and tag it, add attachment or image to it. Additionally, the user can also comment, ask questions, provide feedback, etc. With Currents, one can also view and track analytics for the posts they create. Posts can be given a different level of priority so that its visibility is improved across an organization. For Example, one can set a higher priority level for the leader’s posts in an organization.
  • Currents for G Suite can be considered as a reliable way to connect people to content. It connects employees to useful and timely content that is personalized according to their roles and interests. Moreover, one can easily give access to relevant content to employees to keep them connected to the organization and create more learning opportunities.
  • Additionally, the content remains on the Currents over time, which makes it seamless for the user to revisit the content and engage at a later date. One can also discover the content of interest via tags and streams. Furthermore, the content in the home stream is ordered by relevance so it is prioritized for what is most important to that particular individual. One can choose to sort it chronologically.
  • Currents also make it easy for users to manage and curate with ease. To promote specific content to a targeted set of employees or the entire company, Admins can carry out the discussion in the organization by creating custom streams. Moreover, the admin can also measure engagement across the platform with metrics to track usage. This makes easy for admin to understand what content is resonating across the organization.
  • The admin can also assign the content management responsibilities to a new role called Content Administrator. These Content Administrator can create custom streams, define leaders moderate content, manage tags, track usage and engagement with metrics.

Ready To Give It A Try?

  • For Administrators: The administrators need to email to, to request access to the beta program for your organization.
  • For End Users: No action required.
  • Availability: Currents is available in all G Suite editions.

Final Words

To make all the G Suite users elated and astonished, Google has announced the launch of an interesting yet feature-rich application i.e. Currents for G Suite. This application will make it effortless for the people to have important and meaningful discussions and interaction across the organization. Google always works to deliver best and reliable platforms to the users and Google currents App is one of them.

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