Why Google Disabled Gmail Account?

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Published On June 14th, 2024
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Was your Gmail account disabled? Spamming, phishing, and creating fake identities are some of the most common reasons Google disables Gmail accounts. If Google has accidentally disabled your account, you can either file an appeal or save your account’s data to export somewhere. However, this article shows you how to recover and appeal a disabled Gmail account.

Understanding Why Google Disabled Gmail Account

There are a number of reasons why your Google account is disabled. Some key factors include failing to obey Google’s regulations and a lack of participation. But that’s not all; here are some of the additional causes that could lead to the banning of Google accounts :

  • Account hacking or hijacking
  • Automatic calls or messages
  • Breaking product policies
  • Child sexual abuse & exploitation
  • Creating a false identity to deceive people
  • Export or sanctions law violations
  • Harassment, bullying, & threats
  • High call volumes
  • Impersonation & misrepresentation of identity
  • Malware, phishing & other harmful activities
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Spamming
  • Terrorist content
  • Use of multiple accounts for abuse
  • Valid legal requests

Google has a code of conduct or terms of service. If anyone violates any of these terms and services, we can expect Google to suspend or completely remove their account. Also, if you violate any of these rules and are unaware of it, Google will notify you via email 10 days before your account is disabled. Unfortunately, if it does not capture your focus, Google will disable your account.

Note: You can recover a disabled account; meanwhile, there are certain limits to retrieving data from a deleted Gmail account, such as a time limit of “up to 20 days”. Once you cross this time limit, your data may be gone forever. More information on how to restore Google Workspace account data can be found below.

How To Recover Disabled Gmail Account

Now that you understand why Google removes accounts, let’s go on to learn how to enable a disabled gmail account. There are a few ways to retrieve your account.

Using the try-restore approach
  1. Open the browser and Go to the Gmail sign-in page.
  2. Fill in your Google account Credentials, then click Next.
  3. Enter your password and click Next.
  4. If you’re redirected to your logged-in Gmail account: Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and pick the Add another account option.
  5. A pop-up will appear indicating that your account has been disabled. Click the Try to Restore option. (Google will likely specify the reason why your Google account was disabled.)
  6. On the following page, enter the disabled account’s email address as well as an alternative address. Google will send a recovery message to the alternate email address.

Since in most circumstances, the problem is fixed immediately, and the disabled account is enabled or recovered and operational in a matter of minutes. However, in rare situations, Google may take up to 2-3 business days to respond to your request.

Using Request to Recover Disabled Gmail Account

If the preceding way did not address your issues, I advise you to try this method, which has a great possibility of bearing fruit.

  1. Open the browser and Go to the Gmail sign-in page.
  2. Fill in the Google account Credentials, then click Next.
  3. The next page, under the Account Disabled section, will explain why your account was disabled. Click on Learn more, which is located directly beside the message.
  4. You will be routed to a page that lists all of the reasons why Google disables accounts. Go over these reasons and see if any of them fit what you read on the previous page. (It is extremely unlikely that your account will be reinstated if you have broken any of these guidelines.)
  5. Navigate to the Ask us to Restore Your Account section and click the Fill Out This Form link or click here.
  6. Proceed through the page and navigate to If the actions listed above do not work, please fill out this form.
  7. Follow the on-screen directions and enter the correct information in all text boxes. Fill out the details correctly in the Let us know if you have any other helpful information text box.
  8. After filling in all of the information, click Submit.

Similar to previous approaches, Google may take up to 2-3 working days to respond to your request. However, Google may also immediately enable your account, so keep checking back.

Things You Should Know

  • If your Gmail account has been disabled, you may file an appeal or download your account information.
  • To begin an appeal, go to https://accounts.google.com/Login and click “Start Appeal”.
  • To download data, log in to the disabled account. If your account qualifies, you will see “Download Data”.

What to Do Before Google Disabled Gmail Account?

To avoid potential data loss if your Gmail account is disabled, use SysTools Gmail Backup Software. This tool lets you create regular backups of your Gmail data, ensuring you have a secure copy. It also offers a “Delete after download” option to manage space by removing data from Gmail after backing it up. Taking these precautions helps safeguard your data before any issues arise.

Preventing future compromises

Implementing Strong Security Measures

  • Use strong passwords: Make sure your passwords are strong and update them on a frequent basis.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: The Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security for your account.
  • Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on account activity and be aware of any unwanted behaviour.

Educate Users

If you manage a team, teach them the value of security measures. However, this involves identifying phishing attempts and safeguarding login credentials.

Partnering with IT Experts

The Advantages of Working with an IT Genius

  • Direct Support Access: Since Partners like IT Genius have direct access to Google support, which can be quite helpful in addressing difficulties quickly.
  • Account Management Expertise: They can manage accounts from the backend, Also adding an extra degree of protection and assistance.
  • Free Support and Account Audit: IT Genius provides a transfer-in service that includes a free account audit and also basic assistance at no additional cost.


Recovering a disabled Gmail account involves understanding the reasons for the deactivation and following systematic recovery steps. However, to prevent future issues, use Automated Software to regularly back up your data, ensuring it’s secure. However, Implement strong security measures like robust passwords and two-factor authentication to safeguard your account. Also Stay vigilant and educate yourself and your team on security best practices to avoid account complications.


Q1. What if google gets disabled your gmail account?
A1. You are unable to sign into Google services. Also Google will notify you via email or text message that your account has been disabled. Moreover, Disabled accounts are removed from the Google server, along with all of the account data, which includes all emails, photos, videos, contacts, Google Drive files, and other data held under the account. Since Everything you have saved will be gone.

Q2. How long does a disabled gmail account last?
A2. A Google account will be disabled for up to one month.


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