Solutions To Resolve Exchange Server Error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt

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When the Exchange server users try to mount the data into Exchange Database then sometimes they become unable to mount the data due to the Exchange Server Error 501. This error mainly occurs due to the corrupt log files and it generates the error message “error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt”. There are two approaches available to solve the error 501. One is a manual method and other is automated solution. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss the cause of the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt and the solutions to fix unexpected exchange mailbox server error 501.

Causes Of The Exchange Server Error 501

Corruption in Exchange log files are the main reason behind the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt. This error usually arises because of lost, damaged log files, or corruption in the header of log files. Due to exchange server error 501, the users become unable to mount the data into the Exchange database file.

How To Check Log file is Corrupted?

The corruption in log file is the main reason behind the Server error 501. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned steps to confirm that the log file is corrupted or not:

  • Open command prompt window on your screen
  • Now, run the Eseutil tool by typing the command: use eseutil/ml Enn
  • If the message “operation terminates with the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt, (log file is corrupt)” displays on the
  • screen then it means the log file is corrupted or damaged.

Users Queries Related To Exchange Server Error 501

Query 1: When I was trying to mount the data into my Exchange database then I received an error message “error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt” on my computer screen. This error prevents me from mounting the data the into database. I don’t know anything about this error and I have no idea that how I can resolve it. Is there anyone who can help me to fix exchange error 501? Please help me and thanks in advance.”

Query 2: When I run the Eseutil command use eseutil/ml Enn in the command prompt window then I received a message “operation terminates with the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt, (log file is corrupt)”, which means the log file is corrupted. Now, I want to repair corrupted or damaged log file. I have tried the solution that I knew, but I failed to recover corrupted log files. Please share your view to solving my problem.

Methods To Solve The Error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt

In this section, we are going to discuss the manual and automated solutions to resolve the error 501.

Manual Methods To Fix Exchange Server Error 501:

Manually, you can resolve the error 501 from the backup of the damaged or corrupted log file. To fix this manually, you have to remove the corrupted or damaged log file from Exchange database and then restore it, from the backup. After that, you have to run an eseutil.exe program to regenerate log file. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt manually:

Find A Backup Copy Of Log File: Firstly, you have to find the backup copy of the damaged log files from backup in the working condition. If you do not have the backup copy of the corrupted log files then you can recover the corrupt file using hard drive recovery by Use utility or by using any third-party utility.

Delete the Corrupted Log File: If you have a backup copy of corrupted log files than discard that damaged log files from Exchange server database.

Restore Deleted Log File: After removing the corrupted log files from the Exchange database, restore that deleted Exchange log files from the backup. When you restore log file from the backup then a temporary file restore.env is created, which stores all log files and helps you to vanish “error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt”.

Run Eseutil Command: Now, run the below-mentioned Eseutil command to regenerate log files:
Eseutil/cc” path of the restore.end”
The above-mentioned command will repair the damaged or corrupted log file and will delete the temporary file ‘restore.env’.

These Manual methods will help you fix “error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt” easily.

Limitation Of Manual Method

There are some limitations with the manual solution to fix Exchange server error 501. Some of them are listed below:

  • The manual method is very complex and difficult to perform.
  • It is time-consuming and lengthy.
  • Hard drive recovery by Use utility is not an easy task.


Exchange Server error 501 mainly occurs due to corrupted log files, which enable the users to mount the data into Exchange database. Manually, the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt can be removed by running Eseutil command and alternatively it can be solved by using a third-party tool i.e. Exchange Server Log Analyzer. The manual solution to fix error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt is complex and time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to take help from the third-party software.

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