Exchange Cached Mode & Its Issues

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Published On October 25th, 2022
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Exchange Cached Mode: In case when you are not connected to Exchange due to your own preference or just because of improper or disturbed connectivity of Exchange Server then, MS Outlook gets started to apply efforts for ‘Trying to connect or Disconnected’. This service by Exchange that lets you work while not connected to Exchange network is called as Exchange Cached Mode. Once the connection is restored then, changes automatically synchronized to Exchange Server.

Benefits With Exchange Cached Mode

Adjusting Data Transmission Speed: Within Cached mode of Exchange, Outlook has privilege for automatic determination of Exchange connection speed so, it helps to manage the data transmission speed by Slow Connections Download Headers Only setting.

Selection Of Downloads As Per User’s Ease: This Cached mode lets the user ability to handle connection behavior for data downloading from Exchange Server. When you are in a place where high-speed internet connectivity is available then, you can set Download Full Items option. On the other hand, you must use Download Headers option when you are with slow net connectivity.

Problems & Issues During Usage Of Exchange Cached Mode

  1. Facing Problem While Turning On Cached Exchange Mode: This problem may come across to you when:
  • Not Having Exchange Account: There is not any Exchange mail account within MS Outlook profile.
  • Admin Disabled Exchange Functions: Exchange Server admin has rights to restrict you for some actions so, the Exchange Cached mode facility may also closed by admin.
  • Using MS Terminal Services: Exchange Cached mode works with OST files and unfortunately if Microsoft Terminal services are running on your computer then, you will face issues because it makes halt for OST functions.

2. Messages Are Staying In The Outbox: This issue may annoy you:

  • Once the synchronization is done for a particular message you will still see the message into the Outlook mailbox until the next synchronization is not performed by Exchange Server. For removal of synchronized email or message from Outlook immediately, you can set Send All feature within Send/receive under Tools menu

3. Receiving Only Message Headers: When opted facility to download message headers only:

  • If you have checked the Download Headers while using Cached Exchange mode then, you may receive headers only. To make changes in message download settings

File Menu-> Cached Exchange Mode -> Download Full Items

4. Want To Download Headers Only, Option Is Not There: “Download Headers” is not availed with all editions of MS Exchange:

  • If you are using any other edition of MS Exchange instead of Exchange 2003 then you will not be able to do so while you are trying to find Download Headers facility.

5. Seems Exchange Performance Speed Decreased Due To ActiveSync:

May be Download Full Items is not activated:

  • In case if you have enabled Download Headers options while working with Exchange Cached mode then, you may encounter performance issue when ActiveSync is also working on the system, to overcome from the problem you need to activate “Download Full Items”

6. Want To Use Cached Mode With Remote Mail: Not possible because:

  • While comparing both of these functions Exchange Cached mode functions are far better as well as Remote Mail only picks up the data from offline Inbox folders

7. Not Updating Office Address Book: Suggested workout when Exchange Cached mode is running and Address Book is not updating:

  • Due to activation of Download Header option activation you can face this problem, if you have not activated this option then check “Download Full Items” option is properly activated
  • You can also updated the Address Book manually by Send/Receive -> Download contacts option

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