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Enable New Gmail Early Adopter Program – Explore Latest Gmail Features in G Suite

Bradley Cooper | Published: June 27, 2018 | Data Recovery|

Google’s redesigned Gmail that introduces a new interface, features and More!

Google has announced a major update to new Gmail for business with a new interface. Apart from a new look, Google introduced unique features like Gmail confidential mode, Snoozing, Nudge and more. All of these brand new options can make the mid-sized business work more smooth and efficient. The revamped Gmail application brings a convenient user-interface, and new artificial intelligence powered features that enhance productivity. Below, check out the new changes and addition done in new Gmail & how an admin can Enable New Gmail Early Adopter Program & Get Latest Gmail Features in G Suite Account for Organization

Latest Gmail Features for Business in G Suite : What’s New?

The new Gmail version offers lots of business interactive features for better work. One small but very important feature on Gmail is the left panel that is fully collapsible. Additionally, the mobile version of Google email service also got an update. This offers an option of offline usage, which is a prominent feature for business owners who travelled to various places for business purposes and have limited access to Wi-Fi and cellular data. Besides this, lots of AI-based functionalities added to the Latest Gmail Features for Business which are described below. These features can be accessed by G Suite users after Admin Enable New Gmail Early Adopter Program

  • Give a Snooze to Your Responses

This is an impeccable feature that we all wishes. The number of email messages gets stuffed in the inbox. So, just snooze an email that you want to reply after sometimes. Once the time expires, the email message would display back into the inbox. Thus, one can never forget to reply to the messages. With the help of this option, users can prioritize the email messages from the inbox folder.



  • Artificial Intelligent Powered “Nudge” Feature

It is a brand new Latest Gmail Features for Business. This option automatically resurfaces the email messages that have not been replied. On a primary level, it is similar to a reminder. In such a situation, when a co-worker sends an email about a project, then that email message will reappear before the deadline if you have not answered it with the help of Nudge. Also, Google gave a statement that “this technology mirrors the technology used in smart replies”.

  • New Task Bar on Right Side Panel

Google Keep, Calendar, and Tasks will not require separate Google Chrome tabs. Now, all of them are available in one place and can be easily used from the collapsible side-bar. The right-side panel can be used to view the calendars, notes through Google Keep and tasks using Google’s new task program. This makes the Gmail account as an integrated application where users can view daily schedule, notes and important meetings. Moreover, one can also add apps to the window with the help of small plus sign under the Tasks icon.



  • Gmail Confidential Mode to keep Sensitive Data Secure

Confidential Mode with 2-Factor authentication is the biggest & Latest Gmail Features for Business. By using this option, it is possible to protect the crucial information in the emails by setting an expiration date. If, for instance, you are sending an email that consists of a confidential document, then you can create an expiry date. Additionally, it permits the users to block copying, forwarding, downloading, and printing of messages. Moreover, for security, a two-factor authentication message feature is added. With the help of this, the recipient needs to verify the identity through 2-factor authentication in order to open a message. This is best for companies that handle sensitive data.



How to Enable New Gmail Early Adopter Program & Get new Gmail features in G-Suite Account?

To use a new Gmail, go to the inbox, click on the Gear icon and select “Try the new Gmail”. If the option is not present yet, then do not worry, after someday it will be available on the account. And, the users who are using Gmail for work with a custom domain, need to wait for an admin to turn on this feature to access Latest Gmail Features for Business.

Enable Gmail for Organizational Unit

Before the start of a process, it is always recommended to take a backup. Because while performing any migration and update manually, there would be a great risk of data loss. Here, users can use a professional software named as G Suite Backup Tool. It downloads the Google Apps account mailbox data on the local system. After that, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • In Google Admin console, click on Apps>>G Suite>>Gmail.


  • Now, In User settings, select New Gmail Early Adopter Program option.


  • After that, choose to Allow my users access to the new Gmail UI and features in order to have a new Gmail.
  • Next, click Save.

Once you have clicked on Save, it takes approximately one hour to make the changes to all Gmail user accounts.

After Enabling New Gmail Early Adopter Program option, users need to Turn On “Try new Gmail” individually to access all Latest Gmail Features for Business

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, email becomes the necessity for most of us. It allows the people to keep in touch with their friends or colleagues and manage work. So, it is advised to all G Suite users to update the Gmail by enabling New Gmail Early Adopter Program and experience the seamless working of new Gmail. The Latest Gmail Features for Business like nudging, confidential mode, and more will definitely gear up your business.

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