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Compare & Contrast the Difference Between Zoho mail vs Google Apps

Editor | November 15th, 2017 | Backup Solution, Fix Errors, PDF Error, Tips|

Nowadays, email client has become one of the most common source of communication among millions of users. Although there are lots of email services available on the Web. Out of them, you have got two choices i.e., Zoho mail and Google apps. Both are cloud-based email application. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss basic differences between both Zoho mail and Google apps /G Suite. Before that, let us discuss some crucial information about Zoho vs G Suite or Google Apps .

Compare Zoho mail vs Google Apps : An Overview

  • Zoho Mail: It is a web-based application which offers various types of services including emailing or contacts. It provides document collaboration, email communication and Office suite applications for business as well as professional use. It can also be configured on desktop mail client either Mac or Windows platform. It is a complete business-related solution for emailing, CRM and Office suite applications.
  • Google Apps: With the up-grading technology, Google consists three main versions i.e., Google Apps(Free), Google Apps for Business, and Google Apps for Education. It has offered so many web-based applications developed by Google. Even it has always become the first choice for each user due to its advanced services.

Contrasting Features of Zoho mail vs Google Apps

There are many cloud-based applications available in an IT field. there are two examples of these applications suites here : Zoho vs G Suite / Google Apps. Here, we will cover the difference between Zoho mail vs Google Apps those are mentioned below:

Features Google Apps Zoho Mail
Description Google Apps is a cloud computing, productive & collaboration software provided by Google. Zoho is a complete business solution for emailing, CRM and MS Office suite applications.
Cost It comes in a free version, or $50 per user per year premium version It is free mail client and it allows 25 users on a single domain with a limit of 5 GB per user
Backup support Chance of data loss Chance of data loss
Guarantee provided No guarantee or warranty No guarantee or warranty
Supported Web browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox
User Interface Easy to use interface and represents chronological view of all documents Interface is inconsistent across various applications
Advance Features on emails Maintains version history of each document
Can insert each document via email or Web
Documents are very easy to embed in blogs and Web sites
Available 22 bussiness and office applications
Can insert HTML & CSS directly from Web pages
Blog posting using Meta Web log and blogger APIs
Storage space It has offered unlimited storage space i.e., 30GB It has offered up to 5GB of storage space and up to 25 unique email addresses
Reliability Issues It is the most reliable, powerful technology in the cloud which is perfect for growing business It is not a reliable choice as business email
Formatting It cannot preserve MS Office formatting It can preserve MS Office formatting little better than Google Apps
Email Setup It offers setup 50 user accounts or 50 email addresses with the Google Apps Standard Edition It also provides a custom domain for small and large businesses.
Services It includes various services like for communication it has Gmail, Calendars, Google+, and Hangout, for storage it has Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, and for collaboration it has Sites, to handle services and users it has Vault. It offers Group sharing, where users can create a group alias and share all documents with those people who are members.

Google Apps is widely used for the business purpose so, crucial data is maintained in its mailbox. It also permits users to transfer data via Google Apps emailing services. Moreover, it is a cloud-based emailing service, so data is actually stored in a very secure manner. Whereas for Zoho mail, it is basically a new contender in the cloud computing arena. It provides various services for a calendar, contacts, interoperability with MS Office, email, Google Integration, spreadsheets, word processing, project management, presentations, chat, wiki and much more. Additionally, its interface seems very simple, faster and more efficient.

Let’s Wrap Up

In the above-discussion, some of the major differences between Zoho vs G Suite /Google Apps are discussed. After considering the various aspects of both email clients, we have presented the comparison in tabular form to let the users understand the detailed comparison of Zoho mail vs Google Apps. According to experts, it helps an end user to have a proper understanding between the features offered by emails.

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