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Compare eM Client vs Outlook 2016 – Which One is Trending in 2018 ?

Bradley Cooper | Modified: September 27th, 2018 | Difference, Tips|

eM Client is a Windows-based email application. It is used for sending and receiving emails and it also manages, contacts, calendars, and tasks etc. Further, eM was developed as a user-friendly alternative to the existing email application. On the other hand, Outlook is a desktop-based email application also developed by Microsoft. It has various features which makes it popular among users like calendar, tasks, contact, note- making and journal etc. In this article, we will compare eM Client versus Microsoft Outlook.

The Comparison of eM Client vs Outlook


Let us compare eM Client versus Outlook & know which one is Better eM client or Outlook :



Positive Features of eM Client:


  • A good interface and can be changed according to user’s need
  • It does not replace attachments and straightway sends PDF file flawlessly
  • Without any hassle, it integrates quick text extension that was available on Thunderbird.
  • eM is developing and improving continuously for years
  • It is the only email client which synchronizes with Gmail contacts without any difficulty
  • It has plenty of option like sorting through categories
  • All the emails are not stored on a disk , unlike Thunderbird it saves space
  • Contacts can be added without any difficulties
  • For two accounts it is free. To handle more than two accounts it has to be paid
  • It is inclusive of Calendar
  • There is an integrated chat while using eM client . So there is no need for other application for chatting with friends
  • All the Gmail function are provided in eM client like calendar, tasks, chats and formats. Further, it provides offline-use and very good design and support.
  • It is best and very fast to user-friend

Positive Features of Outlook


  • There is a feature called clutter in Microsoft Outlook for filtering out messages according priority set by the user. It makes the user alert regarding high priority message and low priority messages
  • There is an availability of a feature called Smart Lookup where the Bing search engine is present in the application which allows users to search for relevant websites automatically.
  • It includes calendar which has agenda
  • There is a quick conversion of the received email to task.
  • The Microsoft Outlook allows users to make attachment directly from cloud service without the need to download an entire file.

Drawbacks of eM Client


The drawbacks of eM client when comparing eM Client vs Outlook are:

  • There is a continuous syncing error with eM client
  • There are not many options in managing IMAP folder i.e. it will unnecessarily sync all the files from Gmail
  • Account option is not shown
  • There are many options which are hidden and it requires minimum of three clicks to set up
  • It does not handle unread emails properly when compared to other email clients.
  • There is a poor in integration when it comes to Yahoo Mail. It doesn’t work well with Yahoo.

Drawbacks of Outlook


The drawbacks of Outlook are:

  • It bugs the user
  • There are times when it crashes for no reason or results in data loss due to an increase in file size.
  • Outlook does not support any other email apart from Outlook
  • It can run only on Windows

Which one is Better eM client or Outlook?


In the above-discussed points regarding eM Client vs Outlook comparison. The eM turns out to be a better email client than Outlook. It has got more features than Outlook. Its drawbacks are also less than Outlook. But it completely depends on the user to which email client to go for.

Note : eM Client do not provide a good option to export eM Client data to Outlook. So If the existing users need to export eM Client to Outlook, users can go for eM Client to Outlook converter for trouble-free alternative solution.



In today’s time users are looking for Email client who can overall serve their purpose with their features. In this topic we have discussed about eM Client vs Outlook difference. There are benefits as well as few drawbacks. In the comparison eM turns out to be a better email client than Outlook. It has got multiple features like calendars, chats, tasks and formats. On the other hand there are many features which are not present in Outlook. But at the end of the day it is up to the user’s ease & choice to decide which one to go for eM client or Outlook.

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