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Explore Android P or Android Pistachio Ice Cream with All New Updates

Editor | March 7th, 2018 | Data Recovery|


At this time every year, users starts guessing the name of new version of Android operating system. In the middle of this year, Google is going to launch the next version of Android mobile operating system i.e. Android P. Since 2009, Google has followed a pattern for the name of its mobile operating system i.e., a sweet treat in an alphabetical order like Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, and so on. So, according to last year’s release i.e.,  Android Oreo, it is very much clear that codename of the coming version’s starts with “P”. According to reports, it is referred as Android Pistachio Ice Cream, so get ready for the new sweet dessert. This name suited best to new version as it fulfills both the alphabetical and dessert naming pattern followed by the Google.

But it is not sure what Google calls its Android new version internally or what will be actual name at the time of release. It is because Android K was initially called as Key Lime Pie by Google but it was launched as KitKat and Android O was also changed from Oatmeal Cookie to Oreo. So, it can also possible that Android P name might change at the time of launch.

Major Changes in Android Pistachio Ice Cream Update

Apart from guessing the name of next version of Android operating system, users are also looking for some major changes in design and features that are anticipated by Android.

  • Android P Adopt iPhone X’s Notch

According to sources, Google is might going add support to iPhone X’s notch design in its upcoming version of Android Pistachio Ice Cream Features. The next version is set to launch at any point in 2018 and will follow the Apple’s leads to allow the cut-out section at the display top for house camera lenses and all other miscellaneous sensors based on the reports. This version is designed with the motive to attract Apple users so that their transitions to Android is less troublesome and have similar experience.

Other New Features Offered By Android P

  • Apart from offering notch support, Google will improve the support for Google Assistance and add it as a core part of the Android experience. However, it is already quite easy to access it on many devices but with the renewed focus, there will be closer integration and improved third-party support.
  • Google is also going to add support for new forums factors such as foldable smartphones, multiple display devices or flip mobile phones. However, an overall design renovation is done basically to attract to all iPhone fans.
  • Another major change in Android Pistachio Ice Cream Update is that it improves the overall power efficiency i.e. much better battery life. In addition, there are chances that there are some assistant integrated in the search bar on the home screen also.

However, addition of such all features in the next version of Android OS shows that Google does not want the ongoing trend of edge-to-edge display of smartphone to disappear so soon. An expectation that looks well-determined given that more and more manufacturers are involved on board for proper design style. All these reported changes can be confirmed only when Android 9.0 will be launched.

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