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Amazon Echo vs Google Home : Which one is Better to Purchase and Use

Bradley Cooper | Published: June 2, 2018 | Difference, Technology|

Smart speakers have been known as the Trojan horses of a smart home. They sit on your rack and always listens for their wake word. Then, they send your commands and queries/interrogations to the cloud and always tries to learn more about you in the expectations of becoming even more useful. Amazon begins the trend, first releasing its Alexa assistant in Amazon Echo. About a half year after the launch of Amazon’s Echo lineup of smart speakers, Google has released the Google Home, which is a direct competitor of Echo. It is a difficult task to state that which one is the best, especially if you are planning to buy one. Thus, we have decided to make a comparison between these two best smart speakers available on the market right now. Amazon Echo vs Google Home : which one is better? Let’s find out if Google Home Better Than Amazon Echo or not


Amazon Echo vs Google Home : Design


In the terms of design and physical appearance, both smart speakers are as opposite as cheese and chalk. While Amazon Echo seems somewhat industrial, mechanical, and utilitarian, Google Home is smarter, softer, and the homely aesthetic. Both smart speakers are charged and immobile by the proprietary power adapters.

Google Home has an exceptionally moderate, simple and attractive appearance. Its top half portion is made up of white plastic and bottom part is designed with a removable panel covered fabric. It features a touch-sensitive top with the LED lights that demonstrate when the device is working.
The Amazon Echo incorporates a very basic, simple design and its front belt is covered with a fabric. It has four buttons and a single LED ring on its top. This multi-function button of the Echo can be utilized to wake up Alexa without saying anything.

One can silent Google Home just via tapping on its touch panel and it is extremely a handy feature that Amazon Echo has missed.


Amazon Echo vs Google Home : Voice Assistants


The Google Home and the Amazon Echo outfit Google Assistant and Alexa severally in order to play songs, answer all your questions, look up the weather, tell you sports scores, and even tell the intermittent joke.

While the Amazon Alexa application is more intuitive and has a garish user interface, the Google Home app is more steady. There is a distinguishable delay while changing settings in the Amazon Alexa application, which becomes a little exasperating sometimes. Configuring both smart speakers is very simple though. If you have a fast Wi-Fi connection, both applications will recognize the smart speakers quickly and will start work according to your commands. Both speakers run on the same technology and principle as Android devices.

Amazon Echo vs Google Home : Performance and Sound quality


Both smart speakers comprise three far-field microphones designed to get voices from a perticular distance. The Echo did a somewhat better job of recognizing user’s voice from a long distance. The Google Home in comparison struggled a little bit while playing music at full volume.

Both smart speakers are capable to play songs on request from different streaming services. The Home has, Google Play Music, and Saavan in its list and the Amazo Echo has TuneIn Radio, Amazon Music, Saavan, and Gaana. Both are good in recognizing the names of Indian artists and songs also, both can play personal playlists from any online music services named above.

Clearness and instrument partition are missing with both speakers and their mids are very suppressed in the sound mix. To give credit where it is due, the Amazo Echo does a better job with highs that are sparkly and never becomes sibilant or hissy. Call quality is great on both the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo vs Google Home : Capabilities


Home and Echo have so much similar capabilities in terms of answering your queries, controlling your smart home technology and streaming the audio. Yet, the Google Assistant is much brilliant in controlling and permitting more normal discussion strings and understanding most questions you should need to ask it. While Alexa will often tell you that it does not know that one.

Google Home also has a tremendous advantage over its current ecosystem: maps, Gmail, calendar, Android, and many other services. After signing into your Gmail account, you can do several things like check traffic in your area, add doctor’s appointments to the calendar, and add tasks and meetings.
Alexa has a big collection of useful skills yet, it cannot understand that it has so many skills that you will never use. For instance, make an animal sound because it is annoying and there are so many other features like this.

Where Google Home will not answer our queries in the same way until we use a prior setup and say things in a certain way.

Comparison between Amazon Echo and Google Home


Specification Amazon Echo Google Home
Price $180 $130
Always listening Yes Yes
Wake word Alexa, Echo, Amazon or Computer OK Google or Hey Google
Output to stereo system Yes, by Bluetooth and the Echo Dot Yes, via the Chromecast
Synced audio playback to the multiple devices No Yes, to any kind of Google Cast device
Highlights of personal assistant Add things to calendar, make shopping list, make a to do list, check flight status, track a package Search on Google, check the traffic, check calendar, get a personalized daily list, check the status of flight, make a list for shopping, track the package
Other smart features Order pizza, play game, arrange Uber pickup. Echo has a long list of skills Cast your TV with Chromecast, open and control YouTube, Netflix by Chromecast

Is Google Home Better Than Amazon Echo

At last, though, both are actually good options and it all relies on what you will be using it for. Amazon Echo is finer for smart home integration and it has somewhat better speakers. It also incorporates with various administrations through outsider Alexa Skills. However, the Google Home’s tremendous search knowledge is likely something that Amazon will never touch.

“Both smart speakers comprise three far-field microphones intended to get voices from the distance. The Echo did a somewhat better job of recognizing user’s voice from a long distance.”


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